Monday, February 28, 2011

Letter to christchurch

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To Christchurch

We give all our love in our hearts to you after all this devastation.This event was so devastating and we don’t want anymore to die.We don’t want destruction that will kill people.We’ll be helping you live better and not live worse so you’ll succeed all of this destruction and what your facing.We’re also glad that some of you have water and electricity.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch earthquake

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Yesterday on Tuesday, Christchurch was the scene for New Zealand’s darkest day. A 6.3 magnitude earthquake at 12:51 PM in Christchurch struck the city. John Campbell of 3 News went there to report about the devastation.
The civil defence team said “There may be more than 75 people dead and maybe hundreds of people injured.It all happened when buildings crushed people.”

Liquefaction was everywhere to be seen.Liquefaction is when the ground turns to mud from water that bubbles up from below.

Wellington and Auckland Hospitals are only open for emergencies, so essential services can be left for Christchurch's people. In Christchurch there aren’t enough ambulances to help so people decided to help be the ambulance for them. They also made makeshift hospitals in parks that will be open until they aren’t needed anymore.

This event was devastating and was heartbreaking. People have been choked by brick dust and some died. People lost water, people couldn't see and breathe and some have lost everything.

The huge death tolls make an uncertain future for everyone.The rescue effort and evacuation was big. Lots of vulnerable things have been lost. The destruction has been huge and no one is sure of when this will end.

There was a hole that was very deep inside malls.Landslides happened,people ran for their lives and there were aftershocks that kept coming.Hundreds don’t like the events that are happening now.

Some people have water and electricity.Others don’t.Firemen and others are looking for the loved ones.Cars were destroyed in destruction.Chischurch’s weather was bad, coming with a hole bunch of army tanks to help them.What most people need is water.They can only boil water they get.You could smell and feel the earthquake which is very bad.The civil defence team says the answer is securing the place.People must search their street for hidden people who are stuck in rubble.

In the past, this was the most devastating until 2008.There could be more people that might die by starvation.Lots of people should be recovering now to survive all those death tolls.While others still remain in buildings trying to survive with no remains of food, and worrying when a aftershock comes and crushes them.

Monday, February 21, 2011


When the fairy godmother turned Cinderella's rags into a dress, Cinderella said "Great! now I don't need you again!!" "Oh, just go!! It's an enchanting night!!" Replied the godmother.

Cinderella danced with prince charming on a starry night.

There were haberdashery strewn on the floor as Cinderella made her dress, working with her busy bustling mice.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

baseball day


Room 13 had baseball on 17/2/2011 with a famous professional baseball player named Cola.I think some girls were in love with him.I was SO not really that exited to play baseball.Sosaia was scared so he moved out from first place and when I moved in front ,Sosaia moved next to me. Soon we moving everywhere.I managed to hear the important parts.

It turns out we had to MAKE a team AND NOT GO SINGLE AND WE WERE IN THE PITCHING TEAM FIRST!!!!!I was at third base.Everytime someone came to my base, I'd bug them a bit so our team would win.But it turns out our team lost then we were the batters.Uili and Jabez were GREAT AT BATTING and AWESOME AT RUNNING!!!They were the ones who did HOME RUNS!!When Francis ran past me,he complained at me when HE disobeyed the rules.Baseball day was fun.

Friday, February 11, 2011

net book day

O.k, I admit that the netbook IS what I WAS EXITED ABOUT , I , I... uh wanted to see how smart you were .. he he ? OKAY, I WAS EXITED !! Don't tell ANYONE!! please.

When it was my birthday, I wanted a technolegy mouse because Miss King said "It's VERY hard to use the finger mouse " By the way, I autuly WANTED that kind . And my wish came true.

When Mrs Burt came with the netbooks , I kept thinking "COM'ON HURRY UP!!!!!!!!MRS BURT ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"FINALLY we got to open the netbook. I mostly got NOTHING goof up UNTIL I clicked on games. It just shut off.And when Mrs Burt said that I finished , I didn't mind ONE thing.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm getting a Netbook.

I'M SO not that exited about having a netbook. I COULD go blogging , chat to my cousins BUT DEFINITELY NOT e-mailing. Besides , I'M not the mail man. I'm a kid !!

Well I MIGHT be exited about watching Inanimate Alice: Home town and my blog. I still like to work on Hyperstudio and play games. They all come in the netbook.

STILL I'M SO not that exited of having one. I'm NOT impatient about getting one. I'm curious that YOU'RE impatient. I'm watching you.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Holiday

Monday 14th of December was a bad start. When I was on the toilet , I got in trouble from my dad for overheating on THE TOILET! And at 12:00 am I was embarrased when I was peeing in the garden and A WHOLE BUNCH OF GIRLS SAW ME!! Then my sister used me as a horse just cause I said “You failed!”

When my cousins left to the U.K, my sister said “you failed!” I said “why?” Then my sister said “cause you cried like a baby”

Then I wasn’t allowed on the computer for seven weeks! Soon I went insane ! And then my sister said “YOU FAILED!! HA HA!!”