Friday, February 18, 2011

baseball day


Room 13 had baseball on 17/2/2011 with a famous professional baseball player named Cola.I think some girls were in love with him.I was SO not really that exited to play baseball.Sosaia was scared so he moved out from first place and when I moved in front ,Sosaia moved next to me. Soon we moving everywhere.I managed to hear the important parts.

It turns out we had to MAKE a team AND NOT GO SINGLE AND WE WERE IN THE PITCHING TEAM FIRST!!!!!I was at third base.Everytime someone came to my base, I'd bug them a bit so our team would win.But it turns out our team lost then we were the batters.Uili and Jabez were GREAT AT BATTING and AWESOME AT RUNNING!!!They were the ones who did HOME RUNS!!When Francis ran past me,he complained at me when HE disobeyed the rules.Baseball day was fun.

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