Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan earthquake and tsunami

Japan earthquake and tsunami.
Yesterday, when the tsunami struck Japan, there were walls of water engulfed the land destroying everything in its path. The waves blazed out of control killing people. The buildings were forced to collapse.

3 kilometres away from the shore was a Whirlpool sucking up a boat. 4 people from the U.S.A decided to stand on the beach to see the tsunami and got flushed round several times and got pushed out to sea from the force of water and weren’t seen again.

The death toll is higher than 10,000 for just a 8.9 earthquake and tsunami. There was a nuclear leak from the earthquake and this might be the world’s biggest earthquake & tsunami. Japan’s people only had 45 minutes to evacuate before destruction came. This event was like Chrischurch’s except 8000 times stronger and had a tsunami.

There was a survivor seen stranded on his roof because he had been waiting for the tsunami to come for a while and he then went in his house to get his belongings and woke up on his roof 20 kilometres away from shore. “All the boats and helicopters that were far away noticed me after a day, so I’m lucky to be alive.”

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