Friday, June 24, 2011

Museum awards

Hoping that Rm 13 would win the grand prize, I got on the bus. It wasn’t a long trip to the museum.
After 4 minuets we sat down ready to see all the nominations happen.

When our movie was playing, I hoped that we could beat everyone else in the the competition. As the movie called ‘Utu’ finished, their name was on the screen and we thought we had lost. But just then, the hosts said that actually Room 13 had won the nomination! I couldn’t believe we made the cut!
I saw a bunch of videos that have to do with volcanoes. Those videos were very, very, VERY devastating. It was actually making me frightened.

Then came the grand finals. The prize wasn’t won by us, but it was won by the year 8’s from our school. The girls had made a great animated movie. Even though the year 8’s won the grand prize, we still won a prize - a digital camera. Then my mum and I went home, I was very tired from this exciting experience.

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