Thursday, July 7, 2011

The MOTAT trip

Have you been to MOTAT? You might be jealous since we went there. We went here to see inventions and how they changed.We got split up into 7 groups and went off. In the picture (left side) you can see a 'whisper dish'. The people there are in Miss King's group. In my group I was interested in the space and steam areas. Everything in MOTAT is cool besides those. They even have a mirror maze and an arcade. Most people argued over if street fighter was better than pac-man.

Last we went to the 'tactile dome'. Close you're eyes and you're hands over. Thats how dark it is. I was in the last group. I held on Sosaia's T-shirt and Wakatere held on my T-shirt. Sosaia found most of the ways but soon I let go an made a huge find. While Sosaia and Wakatere went feeling the wall, I felt the slide. At the bottom of the slide I also found the platform about a meter down. We then walked up a ramp, went down another slide and we were out!
As we walked back to the bus, everyone wanted to stay but we couldn't. The bell rang as we got back so then Lee, Levi, Uili and I ran to riverside.

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