Friday, August 26, 2011


Everyone was excited when we got told that we got to play badminton. We always had sport on Thursdays but we were running out of sport to do. First we had Baseball, then netball and now Badminton.

At first we learnt the basics (or else you wont know what to do if you haven’t noticed) which was quite easy until we got up to a two person thing. One person throws the shuttles (the thing like a space shuttle except really small) and the other person hits it back then the person who threw the shuttle had to catch it in a small cone. When Lee and I partnered up and started, each time Lee threw the shuttle to I missed it sometimes and Lee would shout at me and I would reply “You throw too hard!”

Eventually I did it and we got the chance to swapped over. Then suddenly it was the other way round! But soon Lee hit the shuttle too hard and I almost tripped over reaching it! Once I tripped over and the shuttle missed the cone about an inch. At last I did it.

Then we had accurate hitting! It was a 2-team game of which team was to see if the other team could get the most shuttles in a bin. One time I missed when it was going straight for the bin “What the....?” most people said. Sadly the winning team was not my team. My team lost 6-5. Well at least we tried our hardest.

Then when we had to leave there was a really loud moan. I think that the school office heard the moan. We were all waiting for Thursday to come again. Lets hope the week goes fast!

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