Wednesday, September 28, 2011


El acuerdo fue hecho entre una profesora y la clase. The deal was that Miss King wouldn’t have any Alfajorcitos.

Alfajorcitos are made with dulce de leche (like caramel) that is sandwiched in between two biscuts. Coconut is put on the side.They’re really popular in Argentina and many children like them. Most people in Argentina make them with two layers, three, and sometimes even four layers!

While room 13 were making alfajorcitos, we got told to spread a lot of dulce de leche on the biscut so the coconut would stick. I forgot to do that! Nobody else made that mistake! So I added a little bit of dulce de leche on the top for some coconut to stick. Levi and I shoved our Alfajorcitos in our gaping mouth. MMM!!!!

I like eating alfajorcitos; They’re SO YUMMY!

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