Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cross Country

Pt England had Cross Country. My race was 1.5 kms against 34 other fast children. Feeling exited, jittery, and nervous, I jogged  to the line. Then Mr Jacobson said "Take your marks, get set, GO!"

As we were dashing  along the track people were running, tripping and walking. I was catching up and was soon was thinking "C'mon, I've got to lead the pack of eight year old boys. At the front not stay in second place!" Lee was a meter in front of me and I was gaining up on him.

Halfway on the race my legs were dying out really fast and now I was near the finish line.
There was no way for me to gain speed. When I saw Mrs Walters again, I was really glad.

We were close together to the finish line we saw Feki dancing there. Just as I crossed the line, Feki gave me something like a hug. I knew that I had to do a 2 km race next year!

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  1. Hi my name is Hollie i go to Te Puke Primary School i liked how you described how long your cross country run waS how many others you faced and how you felt.