Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aussie Rules

Do you have rugby training with AFL every Thursday? Pt England does. Our coaches, Megan and Allysa show us new things for Aussie rules.

The weather kept changing from sunny to cold then blustery and wet. It was weird of how the weather was going. As we were playing the wind was getting to the point of when it would be like a cyclone. Soon it stopped.

Our warm up was called “Bumper Jumper”. It when you jump on one leg and bump into your partner, and whoever puts their leg down first loses. As Lee and I were doing it, Sebastian tackled Lee.

Then we had to bounce a ball and catch it. First we started on our knees, then stood up and did it, then we ran and bounced it. We have to drop the ball laces up then try to catch it. It was hard because the ball went away in all these different directions.

When the clouds made it look like it was evening, we played kick baseball. It was just like baseball except you drop kick the ball and take another ball, bounce it before you reach a base and keep on going till the ball you kicked gets passed to the backstop. You get points each time you bounce, catch and pass the bases.

The changeable weather may have frustrated us, but it never stopped us from having a great time.

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