Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Outta this world

Do you know how to use the toilet in space? Do you know what the event horizon does? All of of this is in the term, Outta This World.

Doing my job of being the assembly team, I gave out stickers to people sitting up. Then Mr Burt started telling the school some information about Maui. Then Team 1 had their video starting.

After their cool video ended, Team 2 came up, doing a dance to their rap called The planets Rap. Next was Team 3. They had this video of how to eat and use the toilet in space* they eat by using Velcro to stick their containers on and they must take the water out of the food.

Next up, was Team 4 doing a dance to the song Twinkle Twinkle Little star. Mr Sommervill was pretending to play the guitar, the rest were doing ballet. Pretty funny!

Last but not least was Team 5 with their video of Star Wars. They had their faces on some people and their mouths moved like a puppets mouth moving. So Funny!

And that was the whole Immersion Assembly. Sorry, gotta go to class!

*Just like in the introduction, this his popped up twice and this is how you use the toilet in space, you eager people. There’s a seat belt to hold you on the toilet to hold you on, and you can only put your solids in there. Don’t worry about it floating around, there’s air in there which takes it in space. And to get rid of your liquids, it goes in a funnel with air too, which also goes in space.

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