Thursday, October 6, 2011


Making it into the finals, the Vodafone Warriors were ready for their last match. If they won, they win the trophy. If they lose, then it would be hard work for nothing.

Playing in Sydney, Sunday 6:30 they introduced themselves to the Manly Sea Eagles. Ma nu Vatuae scored the first try for the Warriors but the Manly Sea Eagles were still winning. I was thinking in my head that the Warriors would over take them.

Getting in a tie, I was relived when the Warriors scored first! Their gonna win! They’ve GOT to win! I shouted. Soon my sister told me to be quiet. She’s not interested in rugby. Unfortunately.

In the end, the Warriors sadly lost to the Manly Sea Eagles, but at lest they made it this far. Let’s give the Warriors a BIG HAND!

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