Friday, November 4, 2011

Ice cold comets

Have you ever made ice cream comets? Room 13 made some. As we sat patiently, Miss King called up the groups. Outer space came up first.

This is how you make it. At first you scoop some chocolate ice cream in your hands, add some hundreds and thousands with crushed biscuits too.Then you roll it into a ball and add it on a cone and enjoy!

Next up was my group, Supernova. As Miss King put the scoop of ice cream in my hands I thought that I would get frostbite. When Whae janneil put the cone in my hand, I said “Aaaaaaahhhh.” in happiness.

As I slurped up my ice cream before it fell off, I felt different textures on my tongue. The ice cream cooled me down on this hot, spring day.

Once my entire ice cream was slurped away, I went to wash my hands. After my stomach stopped begging for more, I came back in the bay. Miss King then told me that some remains were around my mouth.

If you want to know what a comet is made from, here’s the answer to that question. Comets are made out of rocks, ice, and little dust particles. The tail forms when it comes into the inner solar system (that’s Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) and the sun gravitational pull pulls it nearer and the radiation burns the nuclei inside, creating a tail. And there you go! Your comet information!

I was so happy and that was the same with everybody else. I don’t really know about Levi though.


  1. Hello Iisa! It sounds like your ice cream comet flew into your mouth! Did it make much mess? You have described your experience eating the ice cream well! There's nothing like chocolate ice cream on a hot spring day! Very well done.

  2. Hello Iisa You had a lot of words to describe the ice cream comet. Your story's were messy before. You have improved so much. Good stuff.