Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Year of the Netbook

Made it easier to write. You can get info off it. Take crazy pictures. Show the world your work. Not worry about it getting messy. Dislikes
Wireless disconnecting. Getting distracted by adds from google

This year I have really enjoyed having a Netbook to work on because without them more trees get cut down for paper to write on. Furthermore having a Netbook has meant that less trees get cut down and everyone still has air to live with.

As much as I have loved having a Netbook there are some things that I haven’t liked because when I log in people look at what I’m typing and then they know my password. One time Lee nearly hacked into my netbook.

The difference between paper and netbooks are if you need info, you can auctaully search up on it instead of doing thing’s you don’t even know about.

One of the greatest challenges for me is not to play games and release my anger when it says unable to connect. One time I felt like getting some T.N.T and blowing it up.

If the netbook scheme failed I think I would really mad but I’ll try to suck it up. I bet I wold crying on the inside but the pen and paper feeling on the outside.

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  1. I love the creative spin that you put on all your work Iisa. You've really captured the year of the Netbook in one short story. Keep focused on your work at hand Iisa and always be proud of what you post!