Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dragon lollipops for $3.50

Quickly puoring the melted sugar, the old man was making a dragon lolly for a child. Amazing the auidience, the candy looked like a painting that a creative artist had drawn. Except it wasn't. "There you go" said the man, "A dragon lolly just for you. Have a good day" Clutching the money in his hand, he turned to start a new one. I would really like one of those... VERY BADLY.


  1. Wow Iisa I really like the dragon, Its fantastic.
    Keep up the good work you have done there.
    You have done good instructions for making Chinese

  2. Hello Iisa,

    Nice story Iisa. That was really cool how the man lifted off the dragon candy. I bet that would of been nice the dragon candy. The movie had made me jealous. That was a amazing story. Keep it up Iisa.

    From Shalom
    God bless you.

  3. Hi Iisa,

    That was really cool how the lolly dried fast and him lift it. Keep up the good work

    From Francis

    1. Hi Iisa,

      That was a really cool movie Iisa. I liked the part where the man picked up the dragon, it was almost like he was lifting a thing you make from a parade. The awesome thing about it was how he made it.