Monday, March 26, 2012

Mobius strip

“You’re nuts Miss King!” I yelled inside my head. Miss King wanted us to try making the Mobius strip and do different experiments with it. Last time I did it, at my cousin’s house, I did it by the back gate which is connected to a river, I didn’t know WHAT to do with it now, so I grabbed all of it and chucked it in the river. It floated a bit in the current, then stopped at some rocks, and clogged up the river. Bad memories it was.

So I wasn’t that excited about it but Miss King made us do it anyway. First we all got a long, thin piece of paper, put it round in a circle, twist one side over, then tape it. then we a crayon, and drew a line in the middle until it reached the start. Afterwards we got a pair of scissors, and cut across the strip until it reached the start again. It became bigger.

Miss King called us to sit on the ground. As Miss King inspected our strips, She announced that Jordenne had done a tricky one and indeed she had. The strip, instead of being just bigger, an extra circle was connected as well! That amazed me, but I still didn’t want to do anymore strips.

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