Friday, March 2, 2012

Stop! picnic time!

At last, the day had come. Pt england were going to our newly built beach. After everything was sorted,I ran off to play in the sand.

I ran to the seniors side were I saw some boys building a foot wash. I asked them if I could help. "Yes" they replied. Thats when Shalom came with a plastic bag that he found in the ocean. We then filled up the foot wash. I dipped my foot in and ran. Shalom threatened to wet me.

When I was in the clear, I helped Mosa build a little pit. Eventually Lee came back with some clayballs that we were planning to bury in the sand so next year we could dig them up and work on a bigger pit until we got 200 clayball. I did the math and found out that we'll be in colledge if we keep going at this rate. But Lee was still keen on it so I decided to keep on going too.
I just can't wait to go back.

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