Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Melted Crayon Art!

The second I sat down, I knew we’d do something unnatural. “Everyone’” Miss King announced, (not on the intercom!) “We’ll be making today melted crayon art.” Miss King said how to make it and stuff but its too much info.

Using the Stencil, I painted Create on the Canvas which Miss King says is really expensive. And by that time my group glued on the crayons. But we made a terrible (yes terrible)mistake. Since my group took off that thing over the crayon, it wouldn’t glue on the cardboard. We asked Miss King if we could use her cardboard thing and she said- “Yes but after Morning tea.” And so we left for lunch...

And as we came in we got back to work; Blow drying the crayons. As Bishop did that I filmed the crayons that were trickling down on the canvas. It took 5 minutes to finish. After that we were completely done.

And lemme say I do not want to do this ever again.

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