Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art Gallery. It's new.

“Wow,” I said while staring at this place. It was the Art Gallery. I was glad that it only opened today because my class was the first to go in there.

I took a look at our class work. After seeing that I finally know why we had to paint these boxes black. I looked around for my group’s pieces of art. When I walked around to find the paintings, for some coincidence I saw my art first. “Pretty cool, Iisa, pretty cool.” I said in my head.

After that I saw something else that was eye-catching (but not as much as mine). And it just happened to be my friend Lee’s picture. It was a sunset kind of picture, and it even looked abstract! I could see the houses, the sea, the purple sun, and its light. It was really eye-catching.

Mrs King told us that  we can buy some art pieces that we like. I can’t wait till Wednesday because that’s when I’ll be able to buy some pieces of art.

So I really, really, really, really need $3 to get some masterpieces. Please Dad! I’ll be good!!!

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  1. Hello Iisa it is Faaiua here your work was really really good and your art too, I really liked how you said at the last part that was funny!!!.