Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympic torch

The Olympic flame was ignited by the sun in Olympia, Greece. And it must keep on burning until the closing of the Olympic games.

Nowadays, the tradition continues. 4 months before the Olympic games women in ancient white styled robes, light the torch from the sun by using a curved mirror. It is then passed runner to runner, until it reaches the host country.

While the flame stays alight it gets taken to the stadium. If it goes out there’s a spare fire to light the torch so the flame will keep on burning all the way until the Olympics conclude.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Olympic ideas (Please do not copy)

What I expect this term is that I get to learn about my favorite olympic sport, running. I hope that I also get the chance to find out more about some famous olympians, like Jesse Owens and Usain Bolt.

I've even got an idea of what we could do this term. We could try to make our own Olympic course, and try it. Even though it might not catch on, I still want to try it. I want to do after all of that, making a movie about the Olympics.