Thursday, August 16, 2012

Usain Bolt

“Take your marks said the umpire, the 200m sprinting final was about to start.Visulising the race, Usain Bolt (yes, it’s him) was ready for anything.

As the gun went off, Usain was blitzing everyone. Swiftly speeding down the track, the naturally gifted athlete was focusing on the finish. The worlds fastest was unbeaten for the 2nd time!

Celebrating his victory Usain did his winning pose. It seems like no-one ever beaten Usain in the last two Olympics. I wonder what his future is? Only time will tell.
(Read out below.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Celebration time come on!

Celebrating enthusiastically, the talented athlete won a gold medal.
Enthusiastically celebrating, the talented athlete was happy with herself.
The talented athlete celebrated her win very enthusiastically.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Friday 10th of August, this man called Paul from Panasonic came to Pt England to give my class some prizes since we won the KWN (Kid’s Witness News) storyboard competition.
Room 13 had worked hard to make a storyboard for a competition which, Panasonic is holding. We didn’t win completely yet, we’re now having to use the supplies to make a movie against other schools to win a trip overseas. Panasonic is a really cool company.  If I had to choose the best company in the world, it would be Panasonic. I mean, there aren’t that many companies that would be so kind.

This is to Panasonic:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cross Country training

This story explains Cross Country training for me (recording at the bottom).

Sitting down on the courts, I was waiting for everything to start. It was taking forever and I was eager & bored at the same time. Cross country training was about to start. “...and once you came back,” Mr Marks said, “You walk slowly ‘round the courts”

Then, all of a sudden Mr Marks said “Year 5 boys go!” And I was off. I was in the lead but then  everyone started catching up to me. Twisting around each corner underneath the trees I wondered if  I’d stay in the lead.

Running down to Mrs King, I swerved a little bit then went around this tall building, and carried on running to Mr Somerville. On  my way back, Lee started catching up to me. “C’mon,”I said to myself, “Run your heart out and beat Lee.” Before he could beat me, I dived for the finish line. Strangely enough, we came a tie.

Walking slowly around the courts, I was panting a lot. My legs felt like ead. Next time I hope to come first because it’s my Cross Country goal.