Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cross Country training

This story explains Cross Country training for me (recording at the bottom).

Sitting down on the courts, I was waiting for everything to start. It was taking forever and I was eager & bored at the same time. Cross country training was about to start. “...and once you came back,” Mr Marks said, “You walk slowly ‘round the courts”

Then, all of a sudden Mr Marks said “Year 5 boys go!” And I was off. I was in the lead but then  everyone started catching up to me. Twisting around each corner underneath the trees I wondered if  I’d stay in the lead.

Running down to Mrs King, I swerved a little bit then went around this tall building, and carried on running to Mr Somerville. On  my way back, Lee started catching up to me. “C’mon,”I said to myself, “Run your heart out and beat Lee.” Before he could beat me, I dived for the finish line. Strangely enough, we came a tie.

Walking slowly around the courts, I was panting a lot. My legs felt like ead. Next time I hope to come first because it’s my Cross Country goal.

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  1. Hi Iisa

    I really love your writing. That is great. Did you really came first? That is a amazing paragraph there. COOL!!!