Tuesday, September 18, 2012


“Hmmmmm.......” I whispered. “Last day of basketball....” I knew this day would come. Walking to the courts I saw Rm 9 finishing their last lesson. Sitting down, I wondered.

“Get into 4 groups of people!” yelled our leader, Tai. We scrambled around the place, but eventually we got into four groups. In my group was Frank, Tyrone, Jordan, and Sosaia. Our 1st thing that we did was dribble the ball all the way to a 20m mark. “This is a race!” Tai yelled.  My came second by a millimeter.

Our second thing was tunnel ball. We had to pass the ball over our head, then under. Unfortunatly, my team came last this time. Afterwards we did a basketball game. Sosaia was the best shooter we had. Our team won all our games. “DRING!!!!!!!!!” went the bell. ”THANK YOU TAI!!!!!!!!!” we all yelled out.
Running back to class, I wondered.

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  1. Hi Iisa!! I'm Stephanie Gomillion. I'm from Mobile, Alabama in U.S.A. I'm taking EDM 310 class where we learn how to blog and communicate with people across the world. My teacher and your teacher are friends! So I see you like basketball! Is that your favorite sport? My favorite sport is soccer! You did a great job describing your basketball class! When I was younger I played "tunnel ball" too! Can you teach me how to make my words big and bold like you did? If you click on my name you should be able to see my blog too. It was nice meeting you Iisa!