Monday, September 10, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson

Looking up, I saw 4 men.
“Hmm...” I said thought.
“There is meant to be a man here today,  not 4.”
Then, one of the men stood up.
“Kia Ora* Pt England!” He said in loud voice.
“My name is Tommy Kapai Wilson.” All of a sudden a memory came to my mind. His name was on this notice saying that he was coming here today.
“Wow.” I wispered

He was telling us his life story.
“....I had 11 siblings...” He said.
“11 siblings!!!!????” I screamed in my mind.
Afterwards he gave us 5 lessons. Wars and violence are dumb, make 10 people smile per day, everyone is born with a gift, smile yourself, and learn how to forgive.

When he was talking about lesson #5 He said that after he did something wrong, Nelson Mandela** forgave him. My eyes were open really wide. Nelson Mandela comes from my home country.
“This guy is amazing.” I muttered

When I grow up, I want to be like him.
* means hello in moari
**President of South Africa

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  1. hi iisa that is a nice long pice of witting I wish to be hering from you soon ;)