Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The flood of the century

Greg was 9. He lived in a small house with 2 brothers, Rodrick, who was 19, and Notch, who was 6. Their mother was Susan, and they all lived a happy but crazy life.

One time, it was looking like it would rain so Greg and Notch (who were playing dodgeball) went inside. Walking inside, Greg and Notch got a shock. "Raah." "Gahhhh!!!!!!!!!!" They yelled. "Heh Heh," Rodrick laughed. "Got you good, like usual." "That wasn't.. FUNNY!!" Notch yelled. "Boys," said Susan. "Look. The city is flooding." "What!?" Rodrick and Notch screamed. "Its the middle of summer!"

Greg ran outside. "What're you doing?" "Swimming!" Playing outside, Greg was jumping off ledges, doing bellyflops swimming, walking around and stuff. Wading around Greg saw the water was clearing up. "Noooo!" he yelled. Then, like a miracle, The dam broke. "Damn." Greg said. "Run! Notch yelled. The scene was havoc. People were running to their houses. 16 seconds later, the neighborhood was flooded. Greg was the only one left outside. "Help!" Greg yelled "Hel...! Blub blub blub blub."

Trying to hold his breath in, Greg hit a rock "Bloob!" Standing on the rock, Greg looked around. He was above the water. "Hey, you!" Greg looked around again. There was a search boat. "Get on!" Climbing up Greg took a deep breath. He was alive. Spending 2 days in the hospital, Gregs family finally arrived. "Are you alright?" Susan asked "Yeah," Greg replied "The good thing is, I'm alive." "I guess so," Greg replied. When Greg returned home, He got grounded. "What!?" Greg yelled. "It was because you were slow to come in when the dam broke." Susan replied. "Come on!" Greg yelled.

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