Thursday, November 1, 2012

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: Charlie Gets The Golden Ticket

Walking around town, Charlie saw a 50 pence coin glistening in the drain. Since he was starving, he shot his way to the nearest sweet shop to get something that could quench down his starving feeling.

At the counter, Charlie said kindly to the counter man, “May I please have your biggest chocolate bar?” “Here,” said the counter man. “Have a Wonka Scrumdiddlyumptious chocolate bar.” Wolfing down the chocolate, the counter man said “Woah! Slow down! You’re gonna get a tummy ache that way.” Once little Charlie was done, he said thanks and towards the door.

Then he stopped, thought for a second, a came back to the counter. “May I have another one,” Charlie said, “For my Grandpa Joe.” The counter man gave Charlie an original Wonka bar, and Charlie went.

When Charlie was outside, he saw a huge amount of people jostling to get a newspaper. Charlie took a look at the title, and it said “FIFTH TICKET FRAUD”. Charlie to one look at his bar, and hid behind a wall. There was a chance, but how could Charlie get the fifth and final gold ticket? He was doubtful about it. Cautiously, Charlie opened the sealing. Then, he saw a glint of gold.

He totally forgot about the chocolate and pulled out the ticket. A woman saw him, grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the people saying, “He found it! the last golden ticket!” Everyone started jostling to take a look at the ticket. Charlie kept his grip and ran. “Run Charlie!” yelled a man. “Run all the way home and don’t stop running!”

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