Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Triathlon

This morning, on the field I saw some cones, flags, and bikes all inside the school racing course. I had simply no idea why they were there. No-one told us about it yesterday. There wasn't any notice about this. 

In the middle of the day, Miss King told us why the bikes, cones, and flags were there. It was for the school Triathlon, which we were doing today after lunch. I kind of freaked out because number 1, we had no practice, and number 2, I've only done it before ONCE. Everyone else though, was excited because they've at least done it twice. 

At the field, we got told where we'd be going for the three events. For swimming, we'd have to fake swim from one cone to another. Then we would have to run to a bike, put on a helmet click it on, then cycle. Afterwards we cycled around the whole course, we then had to put down our bikes, take off our helmet, and run on the racing course. And at the end, of course, was a finish line. 

Since my class was so little, we were all going to do the race together. Miss King even asked if she could do it too. At the starting line, I got ready. "Go!" I heard someone yell. We were off. After zooming through the invisible water, I ran to my bike. Clicking on my helmet, I saw the other people get their bikes going. I knew I had to hurry. 

Cycling around the course, I was overtaking nearly everyone. "Hurry, hurry, hurry!" I thought. Passing Mrs King (Who had just crashed with Muamua), I knew I could win. The next part was running, and there were only 2 people in front (Brandon and Joseph).

Speeding past Brandon and Joseph, I knew I had this on in the bag. I ran past Sosaia, who screamed. That nearly made me fall over. Still, I was in the lead. Racing towards the finish line, I thought, "Well done. You did your best and came 1st." Crossing the line I collapsed. I was tired. Once everyone made it back, we did the race a second time. "Noo!" I groaned. 

That time, we got ready, and off we went. Racing with my arms going around frantically, I was the first one to get to the bike. But 8 people were already off. "Oh No!" I thought. I could lose this time. Getting around to the place to park the bikes, I was hoping to beat everyone in the running. It was my only chance. 

Dumping my bike down, I zoomed down the track, and up to Joseph. I managed to overtake him, then a few other people. When I started racing Brandon, he slowed down and started walking. "Not bothering to race, eh?" I thought. Even though I beat Brandon there was one more person to beat. Mary.

When I came nearer to Mary, she started speeding up. Mary must have been tired, because she started slowing down. "Wheesh!" I yelled while zooming forwards. Now everything was turning easy. No difficulty. I felt really glad when I went past the line.

Me crossing the line.
Walking back to class, I was relieved. I achieved my goal twice, even though the cycling didn't go well. And now I'm actually looking forward to next year's Triathlon!

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