Saturday, December 22, 2012

School's out!

On Thursday was the last day of the school year. Normally someone would be happy for the holidays, but to honest I kinda miss it. I've been with Mrs King, for 2 years in a row, and she's taught me so much. I was only in her class twice because it was a year 4&5 class, and not because I flunked a year. And next year I have no more chance of being in her class.
It was a very cool two years, and now it ends.

Anyway the first day of my holidays got to a pretty good start.....
Until we played a game of dodgeball. Yeah, I got thrown in the head by my sister, and my cousins stood there looking at me. And the funny thing is, I was the one who got out. I guess that's what happens if you play with no referee. Afterwards we played a game of soccer, and I don't mean to brag, but my team won 5-3.

We watched some TV, just so we could cool down a little bit. We were watching the same things over and then my cousin Rory got a tennis ball, and threw me in the groin. It hurt so much. My sister Mariam said "LOL! You got trolled!" My mum heard my sister, and then she got a lecture about using 'text language'.

We then got kicked out the house. We stood there silently for a minute or two, thinking of what to do. Then Mariam broke the silence and suggested we play dodgeball while we're here. I started screaming and ran around crazily. 

"What's wrong with you?" Mitch asked. "I do NOT want to play that again!! I got hit in the face with a ball that I think was going at 364 miles per second!!!!Do you understand NOW!!!???" I screamed. "Nope." Mitch said. "Not at all." I was trying as hard as I could to not strangle him.

All of this makes me wonder about the holidays, because all this stuff happened on the first day, and believe me, I do not need this happening to me again.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Prizegiving 2012

Last night was prizegiving, and I was late. We had to arrive at 6.45 pm, but when I looked at the time it was 6.59. “Mum! Dad!” I screamed with a frightened expression. We all scrambled out, into the car, and drove to th school. I freaked out, because I couldn't afford to be late.

Rushing into the hall, I found out that I made it just in time. I sat down in my class lines, and then Mr Burt came on the stage to talk. He talked about a lot of things, and the afterwards he handed out the awards. "Citizenship goes to..." Mr Burt said, "..Jordan Alofi!" Everyone cheered as Jordan walked up. "100% attendance goes to..." Iron Talia and Jordan Alofi!" Everyone cheered again, and Iron walked up the stairs. Mr Burt handed out the certificates, and said "You can walk down now."

"Now," Mr Burt carried on, "we do the year 5 acedemics. In Iron Talia!" Iron walked up again, got her certificate, and stood on the stage.

"In 2nd place," Mr Burt said enthusiastically, "Is Jordenne Eteuati!" Jordenne stood up, and walked up on the stage. "and last 1st place goes to...." the air crackled with tension. I leaned forwards. "...Iisa Salie!"Mr Burt said. I stood up and walked on the stage. It was my 4th time getting 1st place. I saw Mrs Tele'a. She handed me a huge bag of candy, like how the others did.

Then, as we sat down, Mr Burt said ''It's time for the year 5 item!" I gave Miss King my sack of candy, my trophy, and my certificate. We all got onto the stage in our positions, and when the music started, we danced our hearts out.
It was a really enjoyable experience, and I can't wait 'till next year, because they give out sports awards!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


In class we learnt how to work out perimeter of a shape. Once we knew what to do, we did this thing on this site. It's a quiz kinda. It was about perimeters, like what we learnt. This, is my final answer, which actually was right.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


These pictures that I drew are symmetrical  The top one is a flower (I ran out of ideas), and the other one is actually a cross, made out of three different colours. The flower was made on this site, and the cross was made using this site.

Now, I know a little more about reflective and rotational symmetry (only because I learnt basically everything about those 2 years ago!).

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Toy Part 1

In class we had to make a futuristic toy in Hyperstudio and then animate it. We were meant to make 3 futuristic toys, but the rest of my class only did one. When I was on to my 2nd one, I got a little carried away with it. It took me over 7 weeks to make it, and 2 days to make the movie.
And something else; this is part ONE. This is when he gets the scooter and takes it for a test ride.  Part 2 comes next year, and part 3 comes when I'm a year 7.  Sit back and enjoy!

Thanks for watching part one.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed creating it.