Thursday, December 6, 2012

Toy Part 1

In class we had to make a futuristic toy in Hyperstudio and then animate it. We were meant to make 3 futuristic toys, but the rest of my class only did one. When I was on to my 2nd one, I got a little carried away with it. It took me over 7 weeks to make it, and 2 days to make the movie.
And something else; this is part ONE. This is when he gets the scooter and takes it for a test ride.  Part 2 comes next year, and part 3 comes when I'm a year 7.  Sit back and enjoy!

Thanks for watching part one.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


  1. Great Animation Iisa.

  2. What amazing drawing. No wonder it took you so long. I will have to bookmark this page to show my class when they are doing animation next year to motivate them to aim high!

  3. What an amazing animation! I love it. My favourite part is that most of it is from right to left - whereas almost everything we watch is left to right! I love the adventure and can't wait to see the next part! What was your biggest success and challenge in making it?
    Mrs K

  4. Hey Iisa,

    That animation is so awesome. I can't wait for your new freinds animation.

    God Bless You