Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bad luck part 1

It was day 3 of the camp when Mitch decided to ask Crayvaty if he and  Peter could build a fort to stay in instead of staying in the ripped, sagged old tent. There was a lot of trees that were already cut down, and a few still stood up. That was why Mitch came up with the idea. They worked 5 whole days straight and 4 half nights and then they had 2 forts.

One for Crayvaty and one for Mitch and Peter. At night Mitch and Peter stay up till Midnight for a Midnight snack. (well, what other reason would they stay up that late?) Peter just looked out the window for a moment when suddenly he saw a U.F.O in the air. “Mitch, MITCH, MITCH!!!!!” Peter shouted. “I saw a U.F.O!” “A W.Y.B.Q” Mitch replied really slowly. “Will You Be Quiet. Now hurry up, it's almost 1:15." This made Peter feel depressed.

5 a.m Peter and Crayvaty were walking to the toilets when a grey thingummy zapped them with a ghastly blue-orange ray. “MITCH!!!!” They shouted “HELP!” When Mitch woke up he saw the others get pulled in, then the um... U.F.O flew a away to the morning star, Venus. "There's a space shuttle that's 5 miles downhill from the campsite" it said on the map. Mitch's cousin, Iisa, gave him the space shuttle launch dates (Iisa's nuts about space) and today another launch would happen. Mitch remembered that there were 2 go carts in the useless tent. Mitch ran out, got a go cart and sped down the hill. He ran through all the testing rooms and grabbed a space suit. Mitch climbed up the ladder and ran in the door just before it locked shut.

The astronaut named Jerone saw Mitch and calmly said “Hi, I’m Jerone. Whats your name and are you my copilot?” “Uhhh... Mitch and yes I’m your copilot.” Mitch said sounding unsure “Great” Jerone said “We’ll go to the moon. We'll stop there a----” The shuttle was launching off and it made a huge racket so Mitch didn’t hear the rest of Jerone’s sentence.

The shuttle went so fast that Mitch's seat ripped of the ground. Just before the seat hit the wall, everything paused then floated everywhere. They were in space. "Hey!" Mitch shouted. "I thought my nutty cousin said that you can see the Earth from here! It's covered with white stuff!" "That's the clouds Mitch" Jerone said. "OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh. What's the weather forcast?" Mitch asked "I thought you passed all the tests!" Jerone shouted "It was a race" Mitch replied. "And thats final."

After the shuttle landed on the moon, Jerone jumped out the shuttle in slow-motion. Mitch pressed the button that he saw Jerone press. Jerone waved his fist at Mitch when he saw what Mitch just did. "Aaaahhh. Not that he's out the way, I can find the rest." Meanwhile, Peter was arguing with Crayvaty in the cage while the aliens were working on an evil cloning thing. "...and if you hadn't put the campsite 20 meters away from the toilets, maybe we wouldn't be here" Peter said. "Hey! you were the one who wanted me to take you to the toilets cause you told me you have a phobia of the dark!" Crayvaty yelled. "You're nuts!" Peter yelled even louder. “And hey,” Crayvaty said, at least I can controll my bladder!” “Why you little---” "Nbczf zpv diptf deobnv eocng gjive, Verrunk." (Maybe you chose the wrong kind, Verrunk) Weqast said. "6hk vapfrunxg." (Ya think) Verrunkgovle replied.

Mitch found Jerone's cellphone lying around (more like floating around) in the space ship. He picked it up and dialed Iisa's home number. "Ollo" Iisa said "Iisa! You kow what gas thing is by the 3 bright stars constellation. What is it!?" Mitch said. "The Orion Nebula. And it's 9:00 a.m. Goodbye, I still want to sleep" Iisa said "What!!!!!???????" Mitch shouted. "IT'S 9 A.M AND YOU STILL WANT TO---" Doooooot. The phone hung up. "WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!????????"

Even though that happened Mitch remembered Iisa telling him that there might be a planet in the Orion nebula. "Well, if that's whats meant to be done, I should press..... Top Speed!" Mitch said. The shuttle went so fast that Jerone's seat ripped off the ground "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Mitch shouted. And all of a sudden - the rocket stopped. "Oh dammit" Mitch replied in anger.

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  1. What an awesome story! It felt like I was right there in the shuttle.
    Thanks for sharing your story. It ends like there might be more to the story; will you write another chapter?