Monday, January 28, 2013

E.T part 2

“So,” Craig said, “Who the heck are you?” E.T knew that he had to answer Craig or die. “E.T” E.T said desperately. “And what does that mean?” Susan said, grasping the fire extinguisher. “Extraterrestrial, you noob!” E.T replied.

The next day, E.T woke up in the fireplace, feeling sore all over his body. The family was still there looking at him. “W-what h-happened?” E.T asked. “No-one calls me a noob!” Susan answered. “I’m gonna go play video games.” Mitch said. “Me too.” Greg replied. “Video games?” E.T questioned. “What’s that?”

After Mitch finished his talk, E.T said, “Enjoy your game while it lasts!” ‘You wanna play?” Greg said, with another controller in his hand. “Heck yeah!” E.T answered. They played a bunch of different games, and then when they had to turn it off for lunch, E.T went psycho. He spazzed out, only for a bit, until Mitch came in with the extinguisher.

“Can he go now?” Notch asked. “Oh yeah,” Craig said, “About that, why did you come here?” “Well,” E.T said, “I was living on this planet called Rinko, and I, was chosen to observe a family living here, take one back, examine it and stuff, prepare for war, then attack. The problem was, I thought you guys were asleep, then, you know what happens.”

2 hours later, E.T woke up and said “You hit me with the extinguisher, didn’t you?” “Yep” Susan said, “and now it’s broken.” “We’ll spare you if you help us fight your planet.” Greg said. “Fine.” E.T said.

“I have my U.F.O and guns, so we could attack them first.” E.T said. ”Problem is, we don’t have enough power to fly that distance.” “Shall I interest you in gasoline?” Mitch said.

“Okay,” E.T said, “We’ll use that. Everyone, get on board, lets go.” “Hey, E.T,” Mitch said, “Do we get to choose ours guns?” “Yes.” E.T answered. “Dibs on the ray gun!!!” Greg spat. “I’ll take the machine gun,” Mitch said. “A rifle for me!” Craig said. “A sword!” Notch said. “No,” said Susan. “You’re too young to go.

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