Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nikau Cave pt 1

Yesterday my family and I were travelling around Waikato when we found out about this cave called Nikau cave, and by it was a Café. We asked about the cave, but when we did it was too late to go there, so we had some hot chocolate, and headed back to Auckland.


The next day, when we came back to the café, I saw a river. Since I had the camera, I took a lot of photos. When I took my last photo, my Dad called me, and showed me this tunnel thing. I turned out to be the only one in my family who could fit through. Afterwards he told me some stuff about the cave.

Once he was done I thought. "Wow," The cave was going to have water streams, glow worms, stalagmites and stalactites. When our guide came, he told us that we would have to put on these helmets and hold these torches. After that, we walked to the cave.

When I saw it I was amazed. The entrance was massive, and we got told that for the next hour, we will not be seeing any sunlight. I was kinda used to that, because my family tours caves a lot. I looked back, got my last glimpse of the sunlight, I turned my torch on, and walked in.

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  1. Hi Iisa
    Thanks for sharing this story of your holiday adventure. Have you got a good photo of the glow worms, stalagmites or stalactites that you can share on your blog? What is the difference between stalagmites and stalactites?
    Part one of this story leaves the reader with a sense of excitement and I can't wait for part two!