Friday, January 11, 2013

The lookout pt 1

"You're crazy." I told Mitch. "With all these trees, how are you supposed to build a hut?" "Well," Rory said, First of all we're only gonna make a lookout. Easy. Do you understand?" I just stood there, staring at them. "I can't beleive you two." I said.

The next day, when I came over to their house, I saw that they had managed to build a succsessful lookout in  one of their trees. "Nice" I said. It was full of long stong branches that they had, and a sheild looking thingy in front. I couldn't see Rory, but Mitch I could see. I then asked Mitch where Rory was. "I'M IN HERE!" Rory shouted. I twisted around, and was suprised to see him in the lookout.

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  1. Nice picture Iisa. How far can you see from the lookout?