Thursday, February 21, 2013

Omaru Creek

Omaru Creek is the 5th polluted creek in New Zealand. The reason is because so dirty is because lots of people are dumping trash in like it doesn’t matter. When really, it does. They don’t own it, so they don’t care for it. The Auckland council is trying to contain all the litter by putting a rubbish catcher and growing plants around the creek.

The pollution is caused by litterbugs, oil, concrete water, and other stuff. Because of that, over 300 native fish and eels have been killed. Most by getting burnt, and the rest is by mistaking plastic for food. It's a very sad tradgedy.

The river may be the 5th dirtiest stream in N.Z, but we can make things better. By not littering the place, Omaru Creek could be saved. Life in the stream isn't over yet. Some Tadpoles have been seen frolicking in the water. So let's all work together and save the creek!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

E.T part 3

“Awww man!” Notch said. “Don’t worry,” Susan said. “You get to stay with me, and the X-box is all yours.” “Yeah yoh!!!” Notch shouted. By then, Mitch, Greg, E.T, and Craig were on their way to Rinko.

At one point they passed the moon. Mitch looked out, and he saw someone familiar. “Is..that...Jerone*?” He asked in shock. “I think I forgot him on the moon. Should we get him?” “Nah, I think just got to sleep.”Greg answered. “Oh,” Mitch said. “I thought he’s dead. ”

2 weeks later, they arrived on one of Rinko moons. “So,” Craig said, “How do we do this?” “First,” E.T said. “We’ll need a distraction.” “Craig,” Mitch asked, “Can you do that?” Mitch put on his innocent look, and after a while, Craig agreed “Okay,” E.T said. “Lets do this!!”

Craig  rushed outside and started doing Gangnam Style in front of the aliens. “A human!” the aliens screamed. They started shooting at him. Mitch swooped in and started shooting. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! “Lemme take it from here!” E.T shouted. Mitch and Greg started running towards the death machine.

Craig ran towards the U.F.O and tried to get it going. “Uhhhhh...” Craig wondered. “Was it the blue button? The red button? Or was it the green one?” He pressed the blue button. Success! The U.F.O was up and running.

Meanwhile, E.T was shooting down the aliens. “Why are you doing this!?” an alien shouted. E.T shouted “It’s because they showed me a thing called an X-box and if you--” He got shot down. Greg was shooting all the aliens that were coming to him. “Are ya there yet Mitch?!”Greg shouted. “Yeah, just about!” He shouted. Craig swooped in, got Greg on, and flew in the air.

Mitch saw a sign. ‘SELF DESTRUCT’ is what it said. “Boop.” Mitch said as he pressed the button. KA-BLAM!!! Mitch flew back meters away from the explosion. Craig saw Mitch. He caught Mitch and brought him inside. Mitch was badly injured; a broken leg, arm, and femur.

2 weeks later, they came back on earth. Mitch’s arm was healed by then, so he had to get around by wheelchair. Greg helped him whenever he needed help with stuff, and Notch always kept silent around Mitch unless he was asked something. The next day Craig asked Susan “Hey, why don’t we go to Carls Jr to celebrate?” “That sounds like a good idea.” Susan replied.

When they got back home,
Craig, Notch and Susan heard a thump from Mitch’s room. When they got there, they saw Mitch laying on the ground. They asked Greg how Mitch fainted, and Greg said “All I asked him was what planet we’re going to tomorrow!”
*See Bad Luck