Thursday, February 21, 2013

Omaru Creek

Omaru Creek is the 5th polluted creek in New Zealand. The reason is because so dirty is because lots of people are dumping trash in like it doesn’t matter. When really, it does. They don’t own it, so they don’t care for it. The Auckland council is trying to contain all the litter by putting a rubbish catcher and growing plants around the creek.

The pollution is caused by litterbugs, oil, concrete water, and other stuff. Because of that, over 300 native fish and eels have been killed. Most by getting burnt, and the rest is by mistaking plastic for food. It's a very sad tradgedy.

The river may be the 5th dirtiest stream in N.Z, but we can make things better. By not littering the place, Omaru Creek could be saved. Life in the stream isn't over yet. Some Tadpoles have been seen frolicking in the water. So let's all work together and save the creek!

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