Friday, March 29, 2013

My Cousins

I have 5 cousins, that come from England, U.K. Their names are (from oldest to youngest) Christian(his age is 14), Rory(13), Mitchel(12), Ryan(9), and Holly(3).

Every time they come to my house we have a lot of fun.For example, we play with my Lego. It is a lot of fun, but whenever Rory plays it means doom for Ryan's character. In Lego, my house has my 2 sons (Joshua and Mike), me, my dog, and Mitch.If you've ever read all my science fiction stories "The Day Things Started Disappearing, or The Lake Of Epicness, The fight that got nowhere, or Bad Luck Part 1, or E.T part 1, 2, and 3, then you know that he's my favourite cousin. And The Lake Of Epicness tells you that Christian is my 2nd favourite cousin.

Unfortunatley my cousins might be leaving next year. The last time they came(the summer of 2010),when they left(Jan the 5th), I was sad.We had so much fun but then it ended. Last year they came a week before my 9th birthday, and ever since they came, their treating everything like their going to stay in N.Z for the rest of their lives.

But then again, I'd best make the most of time.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


In class we were learning about the colours of Omaru Creek compared to other samples. My prediction was:
Omaru Creek around the bridge: Greenish. The culvert: Murky. Tap water: Transparent. Seawater: Blueish.

We went down to get the samples and the results were:

Omaru Creek around the bridge: Brown-yellowish. The culvert: Cloudy kind of. Tap water: Transparent like I predicted. Seawater: Cloudy

Overall I got 1 out 4 in my predictions. This proves that Omaru Creek won't stop changing as the colours keep shifting colours.

Storm Water Drains

This design is what I would paint around local storm water drains to tell people about where the storm water goes.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This one is just like water smells except this is the turbidity.

I am going to find out the turbidity of Omaru Creek

I am going to test this by going to Omaru creek to get samples then look through them

Resources and equipment:2 buckets, string, 4 jars, samples of water

I predict that the size 9 and 24 will be seen through the bridge water and the culvert will have 12, 14, 24.

I think this because: because of the sediment in the water

Results of my tests

I could see font size 9 and up
Tap water
9 and up
Omaru Creek water by culvert
9 and up
Omaru Creek water by bridge
12 and up

My conclusion (what I found out)that the turbidity of the bridge water wasn’t like I thought and the culvert gets cleaner each day

Why I think this is because of the sediment in the water possibly stirred up by the catfish

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My other blog

There it a sign right next to the 'Home' sign. It says 'Ambassador 2013'. That link takes you to my other blog where you get to see the pictures taken by Mrs Burt and Quasia (Quasia's our camera man). Every time we do a new speech the pictures get updated.

You REALLY should click that link!

Water smells

In class we got some water samples. Omaru creek's water around the bridge and culvert. We got some questions to answer. This is what I wrote.

I am going to find out:The smell of Omaru Creek compared to other samples

I am going to test this by:Going to Omaru Creek to get some samples and smell them.

Resources and equipment:2 buckets, string, 4 jars, samples of water

I predict that: the water around the culvert will smell acidic, the bridge water musty, the sea water salty, and the tap water odorless

I think this because: because of the colour and stuff in the water

Results of my tests

Sea Water
The sea water was salty like I predicted
Tap water
Odorless like I predicted
Omaru Creek water by culvert
The culvert smelt musty
Omaru Creek water by bridge
And the bridge water was musty but a little stronger than the culvert

My conclusion (what I found out):that the water isn’t as nasty as I thought and the water changes each day

Why I think this is:because the water was there for proof.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Day Things Started Disappearing

It all started yesterday when my piggy bank disappeared. When that happened I knew something was up. Today my painting disappeared. “Why is this happening?” I thought. “Was it PARANORMAL ACTIVITY? Nah, it has to be something else. The next day I went to practise my piano skills, but the PIANO disappeared. I knew this had to stop, but how?

I walked up to my sisters room. “Hey Mariam!” I called. “What is it this time?” Mariam replied. Has anything of your stuff been disappearing?” “No!” She remarked. Why aren't you opening your door? It’s ALWAYS open!” I shouted back. The door opened a bit, then Mariam came out with something behind her back. BANG!

I woke up outside my cousin’s house. “What the heck happened?” I wondered. I had a big bruise on my head, and it HURT! I knew that I needed some help, and I knew where to get it. I knocked on the door, hoping that Mitch was inside. He’s been through many things and survived*. Luckily, he was there. “Hey Iisa!” He said, “Have you come to tell what’s happening in space!?”

“...And that’s what happened.” I told Mitch. “So you need ME to help YOU with something OUT OF THIS WORLD?” He questioned. “Yeah pretty much.” I answered “Okay.” Mitch said with enthusiasm. “LET’S DO THIS!”

We ran all the way to my sisters room, and had a rest. We were panting. After 10 minutes, we were up and going. Mitch kicked the door as hard as he could, but then CRACK! Mitch went from enthusiastic to blubbering like a little baby. “SSHHH!” I snapped. “She can hear you!” Mitch cried a little softer. “And anyway,” I carried on, “You should’ve left the kicking to me.”

BANG! I kicked the door so hard that I left a dent in the door. Then all of a sudden I heard a rustle from my room. “Mariam might not be in her room!” I shouted “The door is locked!” “You could’ve told me earlier!” Mitch grumbled.

By the time we got to my room, No-one was there. My whole bed was gone, and the teddy bears in my room were floating in the air. “AAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!” Mitch shouted. “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY!!!!!” I looked at the scene and thought “Shoot, it WAS PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.” But then, I saw the bears attached to some string.

Mitch and I ran towards my sisters room, and she slammed the door when she saw us. “What do we do now?” worried Mitch. “We can’t stop running as we’ll crash into the door still!” “I have an idea.” I replied. “Do it!” Mitch yelled back. I picked Mitch up and held him vertically. Then when the door came very close, I used Mitch as a battering ram. BOOM! went the door. It had been ripped off it’s hinges, and I saw all things that had disappeared. My piggy bank, my painting, my bed, and our piano. “What the--” Mitch and I said. I grabbed my sisters phone and dialed 111.

“Don’t call the police!” Mariam called. “And why should I listen to you?” I asked. “2 reasons” Mariam answered “Number 1, I’m your sister, and number 2, this is a dream.” “Wha?” I asked. Then I woke up.

“That was weird.” I said.
*See Bad Luck,and E.T part 1,2, and 3

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trip To Mangere Pools

When I woke on the third and last day of camp, I remembered what time it was, time to go to the pools. We all got our packing done, so it was time to go. What a great way to end camp.

When we arrived at the pools, the people who were participating in the swimming race had to get changed into their swimming togs first. I was the only year 6 boy in the race along with Korebeu. After I won the race, it was free time for all of us.

A slide opened at 11.30, and it was the first slide open. When it opened, I saw everyone lining up. I ran to the slide, but the line was too long and the temperature was dropping. At least for me. After a few minuets, I thought “Stuff this, I’m going to play Water Polo with Jordan S and his friends.

When we were playing, it was 3 on 5. Jordan S, Lee, Taniela, Leka, and Calvin versus Me, Sateki, and Faiuua. The teams were uneven so I decided to go to the bombing pool, which was next to a massive slide.

I was going to do a frontflip into the water, but then it was 1.30 which meant that the massive slide was opened. All the people that were in group 3 for swimming could go down on it. I was the second one to go on it, so I was glad that I got to go on a slide without the long wait.

The ride started slowly, then all of a sudden the ground dropped away and I was thrown into the air. Then, I plummeted into the water making a gigantic SPLASH! As I rose to the surface I thought "THAT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!"

This experience is why I like going to camp.

Monday, March 18, 2013

What Happens When Things Go My Way Part 3: Camp Concert

Yesterday at 7.30 pm, we had the biggest event in our school camp. The concert. Before it started I was all "You can do this." But when it was time to go on stage, I was the opposite of confident.But when I saw the others, I gained my confidence again. When it got to the boy's freestyle bit, I did my own dance, which I call 'The Crump'.

This is the video of my groups concert.

Synergy from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

ShowMe part 2: Camp Questions

Here is another ShowMe video that I have made. This time it was about camp. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


5000 views! That's half of 10,000! Thanks for visiting my blog as I merrily appreciate it. Keep visiting my blog!

What happens When Things Go Way Way Part 2: Camp

Today, all the year 5’s and 6’s went to Camp. For most of us it was the second time that we’ve gone to camp.

This morning I was in a rush to get to school. “Yes!” I thought. “We’re having camp!” My parents told me that before I go to Camp, I have to be ready, considering the fact that I’m a leader. I like that too, but I’m with someone who I’m not that fond of. Asena.

When I got dropped off at the front gate I was thinking “Man, I wonder what’s happening today? And Tomorrow? I know that we are going to the pools on Friday. But man, I’m Curious.”

When the bell rang, I sprinted to the gate. My group (Synergy) was doing Kayaking first.

Kayaking was a lot of fun, especially when I capsized Hannah and Lesieli. 

Waaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!” They shouted. “Heh Heh.” I giggled. When it was my turn I went with my friend Louis. Mr Molloy came past us on his speedboat. The waves were nearly enough to turn us over, and Louis was shaking the boat at the time. When I got to shore, I went kayaking on my own.

When I was paddling, I saw Hiwarau. When we got to each other we decided to swap kayaks. In the middle of the lake. He and I succeeded, and then it was time to come back to shore, as our time was up.

After morning tea, Synergy came into Room 17, and we started writing our story.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


In my house, what I do most of the time is get done, then play with the Lego my parents bought for me. It's pretty cool for me, mostly because I'm very creative, and you should see the adventures my little people are having!

Although my people are having lots of adventures, there are only 3 houses in the whole city. 1 house is a mansion, another one is an everyday house, and the 3rd house is small and ugly. Yep, I do a lot of building.

I play with my cousin Ryan, and sometimes Mitch.When we play it's really cool, and funny. We can do things we can't do in reality. For example, I have an Apollo Spaceship, drivers, space suits, and all that. I've used it for Apollo missions (well what did you expect?), bombing, air travel, going down to the core, and all that. I also have a car with wings and rocket boosters at the end and I can fly it whenever I want.

If I got more Lego sets, I'd use them on my city. Maybe I could make a space station?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Walk the talk

TNT from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
In class we had to make a walking animation, and it was that we were walking past Omaru Creek. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 8, 2013


In class we had to answer a question with our working out and share it on our blog. Me and my friend Jordan worked together and made the answer with our working out. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Omaru creek versus Poormans strem

I have made a Venn diagram of Omaru creek and Poormans stream. I hope you get more info on how endangered it is.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Coming Up Camp

Here is a form I made. Please vote.

Do you know what is happening next week? In case you don’t know, it’s our school camp! We will be getting our gear list, permission slip, and $60 sorted to go to that wonderful event. There is a range of activities, and we even have a school concert on Thursday!

In a world, in a country, in a city, in a school, all the year 5 & 6 students will face their biggest challenge yet: going on a school camp. The event itself is only 8 nights away. The year 6’s have had one year practise, and the year 5’s are next. It’s actually really fun.

Monday, March 4, 2013


On a hot summer day, Mr S’s group was excited to go to the pools.
One minute later, they heard a rustling sound from their plastic bags.
Entering the pools, everyone smelt the chlorine and was relived because it meant the germs would go away.
Plopping myself into the pool, I was ready to swim!
Our instructor told us that we would first be doing freestyle, 4 laps to warm up.
When we got out, I grabbed my bag and got ready to change since I was drenched and cold.

Fiafia paragraphs

April the 18th is a date that must not be missed. Why? because on that day, Fiafia will be held in the school hall. It will have all kids from rooms 1-22 dancing, doing cultural things, doing acts, and even unicycling!

We are all practising hard, really, really, really hard. This is because on the 18th of April everyone in rooms 1-22 will be participating in Fiafia. This will be the biggest event in the whole of G.I!! Put the date in your diary now!

Fiafia, which is on April 18th, is the biggest event in G.I. There will be a whole lot of events ranging from unicycling, cultural events, and very cool acts. That day is important, so be there!

Here is my form. Please vote!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Being an Ambassador

Last year some people in my class were asked if we wanted to be an Ambassador. All we needed to do was send an aplication to Mrs Burt. I got a response saying that I'll be interveiwed in Term 1. I was one of the people that made it in. Along with me was Josephine, Jordan, Hannah, Lesieli, Sela, Quasia, and Francis.

Josephine was our leader, Francis was our technicain, and Quasia was our photographer.

Our first (and so far the only) speech was last Thursday. We had to talk to the Treasury of New Zealand. I was nervous on the inside, but calm on the outside. At 9 o'clock the visitors came. When we walked in I knew that this meant buisness.

In the end, I was proud of myself. I tried so hard, and it paid off. At lunch, I got told that the team might be going to Wellington!