Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trip To Mangere Pools

When I woke on the third and last day of camp, I remembered what time it was, time to go to the pools. We all got our packing done, so it was time to go. What a great way to end camp.

When we arrived at the pools, the people who were participating in the swimming race had to get changed into their swimming togs first. I was the only year 6 boy in the race along with Korebeu. After I won the race, it was free time for all of us.

A slide opened at 11.30, and it was the first slide open. When it opened, I saw everyone lining up. I ran to the slide, but the line was too long and the temperature was dropping. At least for me. After a few minuets, I thought “Stuff this, I’m going to play Water Polo with Jordan S and his friends.

When we were playing, it was 3 on 5. Jordan S, Lee, Taniela, Leka, and Calvin versus Me, Sateki, and Faiuua. The teams were uneven so I decided to go to the bombing pool, which was next to a massive slide.

I was going to do a frontflip into the water, but then it was 1.30 which meant that the massive slide was opened. All the people that were in group 3 for swimming could go down on it. I was the second one to go on it, so I was glad that I got to go on a slide without the long wait.

The ride started slowly, then all of a sudden the ground dropped away and I was thrown into the air. Then, I plummeted into the water making a gigantic SPLASH! As I rose to the surface I thought "THAT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!"

This experience is why I like going to camp.

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