Tuesday, March 12, 2013


In my house, what I do most of the time is get done, then play with the Lego my parents bought for me. It's pretty cool for me, mostly because I'm very creative, and you should see the adventures my little people are having!

Although my people are having lots of adventures, there are only 3 houses in the whole city. 1 house is a mansion, another one is an everyday house, and the 3rd house is small and ugly. Yep, I do a lot of building.

I play with my cousin Ryan, and sometimes Mitch.When we play it's really cool, and funny. We can do things we can't do in reality. For example, I have an Apollo Spaceship, drivers, space suits, and all that. I've used it for Apollo missions (well what did you expect?), bombing, air travel, going down to the core, and all that. I also have a car with wings and rocket boosters at the end and I can fly it whenever I want.

If I got more Lego sets, I'd use them on my city. Maybe I could make a space station?

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