Friday, March 22, 2013

The Day Things Started Disappearing

It all started yesterday when my piggy bank disappeared. When that happened I knew something was up. Today my painting disappeared. “Why is this happening?” I thought. “Was it PARANORMAL ACTIVITY? Nah, it has to be something else. The next day I went to practise my piano skills, but the PIANO disappeared. I knew this had to stop, but how?

I walked up to my sisters room. “Hey Mariam!” I called. “What is it this time?” Mariam replied. Has anything of your stuff been disappearing?” “No!” She remarked. Why aren't you opening your door? It’s ALWAYS open!” I shouted back. The door opened a bit, then Mariam came out with something behind her back. BANG!

I woke up outside my cousin’s house. “What the heck happened?” I wondered. I had a big bruise on my head, and it HURT! I knew that I needed some help, and I knew where to get it. I knocked on the door, hoping that Mitch was inside. He’s been through many things and survived*. Luckily, he was there. “Hey Iisa!” He said, “Have you come to tell what’s happening in space!?”

“...And that’s what happened.” I told Mitch. “So you need ME to help YOU with something OUT OF THIS WORLD?” He questioned. “Yeah pretty much.” I answered “Okay.” Mitch said with enthusiasm. “LET’S DO THIS!”

We ran all the way to my sisters room, and had a rest. We were panting. After 10 minutes, we were up and going. Mitch kicked the door as hard as he could, but then CRACK! Mitch went from enthusiastic to blubbering like a little baby. “SSHHH!” I snapped. “She can hear you!” Mitch cried a little softer. “And anyway,” I carried on, “You should’ve left the kicking to me.”

BANG! I kicked the door so hard that I left a dent in the door. Then all of a sudden I heard a rustle from my room. “Mariam might not be in her room!” I shouted “The door is locked!” “You could’ve told me earlier!” Mitch grumbled.

By the time we got to my room, No-one was there. My whole bed was gone, and the teddy bears in my room were floating in the air. “AAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!” Mitch shouted. “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY!!!!!” I looked at the scene and thought “Shoot, it WAS PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.” But then, I saw the bears attached to some string.

Mitch and I ran towards my sisters room, and she slammed the door when she saw us. “What do we do now?” worried Mitch. “We can’t stop running as we’ll crash into the door still!” “I have an idea.” I replied. “Do it!” Mitch yelled back. I picked Mitch up and held him vertically. Then when the door came very close, I used Mitch as a battering ram. BOOM! went the door. It had been ripped off it’s hinges, and I saw all things that had disappeared. My piggy bank, my painting, my bed, and our piano. “What the--” Mitch and I said. I grabbed my sisters phone and dialed 111.

“Don’t call the police!” Mariam called. “And why should I listen to you?” I asked. “2 reasons” Mariam answered “Number 1, I’m your sister, and number 2, this is a dream.” “Wha?” I asked. Then I woke up.

“That was weird.” I said.
*See Bad Luck,and E.T part 1,2, and 3

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