Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Water smells

In class we got some water samples. Omaru creek's water around the bridge and culvert. We got some questions to answer. This is what I wrote.

I am going to find out:The smell of Omaru Creek compared to other samples

I am going to test this by:Going to Omaru Creek to get some samples and smell them.

Resources and equipment:2 buckets, string, 4 jars, samples of water

I predict that: the water around the culvert will smell acidic, the bridge water musty, the sea water salty, and the tap water odorless

I think this because: because of the colour and stuff in the water

Results of my tests

Sea Water
The sea water was salty like I predicted
Tap water
Odorless like I predicted
Omaru Creek water by culvert
The culvert smelt musty
Omaru Creek water by bridge
And the bridge water was musty but a little stronger than the culvert

My conclusion (what I found out):that the water isn’t as nasty as I thought and the water changes each day

Why I think this is:because the water was there for proof.

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