Sunday, April 28, 2013

Escape From Planet Earth

We had all been talking about this, and now it was time for it to happen. What might I be talking about? I'm talking about when me and Jordan went to the movies to see Escape From Planet Earth. It was supposed to be me, Jordan, Frank, Sonny and Joseph, but 3 of them didn't show up on the day.

To be honest, I was glad that my parents let me go with Jordan, as if I didn't, he might've not been able to go, because it would just be him. When I got there, I saw Jordan's family waiting in line, so I went to them. Jordan told me that they couldn't find Frank, even when they drove down his street, which ment it was just me and him.

Both of our parents bought us our popcorn and drinks, and then they left as they had to do things. My Grandpa stayed there for when the movie was done. When we got in, we could clearly see that there was no-one except us. As the movie started, I was ready for anything. Except a heart attack from shock.

The movie was pretty good, as it had comedy, and action. My 2 fovourite things that I look for in movies. Halfway through the movie, I ran out of popcorn. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I screamed in my head. "WHY ME!?" When the movie finished, we walked out, and Jordan said "That movie had a happy ending." Which is exsacly what I thought too.

Now, it was time to have lunch. We went to Oporto, and I ordered the flame grilled chicken, and Jordan ordered the strip pack. Jordan had made the right move, as I got 2 large pieces of chicken, and Jordan got 4 pieces of chicken breast. The chicken was too much for me, so we had some leftovers for dinner.

When we had lunch, we went to the parking lot ouside Sylvia Park, and waited for Jordan to be picked up. When Jordan's car came, we greeted him, and then he left. Now, while I was waiting to get picked up, "You can go to Whitcoulles until your parents come, Iisa." My Grandpa said. "I'll come soon.

When I was reading a book there, I looked up, and I saw my parents. It was time to go. As I walked to the car, I was glad that I could come and watch a cool movie with my friend.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bad Luck Part 2

Mitch knew he had to do something, and when he looked outside the window, he saw a ship heading towards this planet.
 "So I'm in the right spot, eh?" Mitch said. "Wait a minute! I don't know how to land this thing! Wait. Maybe I should press.. EJECT!! Then I'll get an Electronic Jet Pack!" He pressed EJECT, and his seat sent him out of the ship. Since he had his astronaut suit on him he could breathe. "Hey! Mitch shouted. "I was right! This thing is a jetpac...." The 'Jet pack' had a sign saying 'Air supply'. 

Mitch decided not to waste any more time and save his mates. He used the fire extinguisher that went out with him when he ejected, to get him to the planet. Once he was in the planet's atmosphere, there was nothing stopping him from falling at top speed. "HELP ME!!!!" Mitch squealed.

When it seemed like all hope was over for Mitch and his friends, there was still hope. Mitch had landed on top of a landing U.F.O. "I," Mitch said, "am amazing!" But then, he slipped. Now, his chances of saving his mates were over. BANG! Mitch had landed on ANOTHER U.F.O. "What did I do to deserve this!!!???" Mitch screamed.

"Okay," Weqast said, "We are going to clone you, and then, send your--" "YOU CAN TALK ENGLISH!!!???" Peter and Crayvaty screamed. "I can because I learnt your kind of language." Weqast said, "Can I carry on with my speech?" CRASH!! The glass on the U.F.O broke, and Mitch hopped in. "Sup." He said.

"What happened?" Mitch asked weakly. "You hit you yourself on the head with that fire extinguisher, and blacked out for 2 minuets." Peter answered. "Now that 'Litch' is awa--" "IT'S MITCH YOU IDIOT!" Mitch shouted at Weqast. "Well," Weqast carried on, "we will clone you, and send your clones back to Eart," Mitch looked at Weqast with anger. "..and then they will destroy 99.9% of humanity. The 0.1% is you three. And guess what? you then will be our slaves! very good future, eh?" "NO WAY!!!!" Peter shouted back. "Hey bozos!" Mitch shouted. "What?" Weqast replied. "I've got to go eliminate some of my urine!" Mitch replied.

Weast and Verrukgovle woke up in their cage. "Never doubt the extinguisher!" Crayvaty said joyfully. "What are you gonna do now!?" Mitch teased. Weqast pressed a button, and the cage opened. "You people are so dumb." Verrunkgovle said. Mitch, Peter, and Crayvaty jumped out the ship, and landed on another ship.

They smashed the glass, kicked out another alien, and flew off. While they were flying, The engine ran out of fuel. As they were falling to their death, Mitch said, "Don't worry, I'm so awesome that something will happen, and we'll live!" Since Mitch said that, the U.F.O was going to fall on another one, but then it somehow missed it's landing.

"YOU JINXED US!!!" Crayvaty screamed at Mitch. "NOW WE'RE GOING TO DIE AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!" Soon, the ship landed on the ground. And then it started up, as there was a ship underneath it. Peter got airsick. "BLEUGRH!!!" He shouted as he threw up. His sick landed on Weqast. Mitch put a look of disgust on his face. "I'm glad I'm not him!" He remarked.

The trio jumped into a ship that was taking off, threw the aliens out, and flew off. "Let's get them, Weqast." Verrunkgovle said. "Leave them." Weqast replied. "E.T will take care of them." When the trio flew past the moon, they saw Jerone pleading for air. "Is he in trouble?" Peter asked. "He's just looking at a fascinating type of rock." Mitch answered.

Soon, the ship headed towards Earth, the engine blew up by overheating. "HELP ME!!" Mitch screamed. SLPOOSH!!! They had all landed in an outdoor pool. The lifeguard blew his whistle. "NO BOMBING IN THE POOL!!" He yelled. When Mitch climbed out, the lifeguard saw him and thought that they had ejected because the ship got destroyed. He worshiped astronauts basically.

After being excused, they all walked back home. Before they split up, Crayvaty decided to have one more camp meeting. "Okay boys," Crayvaty said, "Today was a very exiting day, and now, thankfully, it's over. Now let's all go to our houses, and have the rest of the holidays with our family."

When Mitch was walking home, he was wondering. "I wonder what'll happen to that lifeguard when he finds a U.F.O in the pool? Well, one thing's for sure. This whole crazy thing has come to an end." But it wasn't over yet. As Mitch walked up to his house, an unidentified flying object flew closer to his house.....

So what happened next? you can find out by reading E.T part 1,2, and 3!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


When I got to school, I was glad that Fiafia was here, but a little concerned. I'm part of Jump Jam and Choir, but I don't think that I'll be able to get to the choir in time. The choir gets ready when the Barkaville Factor begins, and Jump Jam starts after that.

When Fiafia began, I was nervous. Mr Burt, Gabriel, and Vivienne walked on the stage. "This is our school's 60th anniversary." Mr Burt said. "And that's why we have our Fiafia. Before we start, Let's sing a song. Happy birthday..." When we were done singing the song, Vivienne said "The first group is the Kapa Haka."

Everything was going well, and when it was time for the Tongan boys to go on up, I saw Jordan. "Jordan wasn't looking stern like the others, but he was doing a very good job. "GO JORDAN!" I yelled. "I think he's doing it for real!" Lee said. After most of the groups were done, I was so entertained, but it was late, and I felt sleepy.

Luckily, my group was next. Our song was Party rock and Absolutely everybody. When I was in my position, I heard lots of people say GO Iisa! That made me confident. When the music started, I was so glad that it was my groups turn. I could finally show my family what they've been waiting for.

When it got to the freestyle bit, I was grinning a lot. I like the freestyle bit, although before I didn't. When I did my freestyle bit, everyone was giggling and cheering. Exactly what I wanted by the audience. I was so so glad that I entertained the audience. Just like how Jordan entertained me. When our item was done, I knew my job was done. But I still had to get to choir.

I made it just in time. When I got to the choir, it was time to get on the stage. I was in the 2nd row. When everyone got on the stage, Gloria started playing the keyboard, and we started singing. We sang 'Draw me nearer first', and then we sang 'Take it easy'. Once we were done, the audience obviously liked our singing. I was puffed out, as I reached notes that I couldn't reach before.

Once Fiafia was done, I knew that my goals were achieved, and now I could go to sleep.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

150 blogposts!

This, for me, is a VERY big acheivement. I remember that when I wrote my first ever post, my sister said;
And now I can prove her that I won the challenge! Be sure to keep visiting my blogs, as I am heading towards 250 now. 100 more to go!


Things are getting exciting for me. Fiafia's tomorrow, and that is something worth looking out for. Our school is turning 60 this year, and that's why there's a Fiafia. I'm nervously exited, and to be honest that's how I usually feel.

So, are YOU going to be at Fiafia? (In case you don't know the location it is at Pt England School.)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

If I get rich

What would you do if you became a billionare? Let's say you win the lotto. Then what would you do with the money? This is what I would do.

First, I would buy myself a house. A house that will be suitible for a very big family (just in case). Then, I would sell the house that I'm in currently, then I will give some money to charity, some to my parents and grandparents, and get myself a good job & education.

What would YOU do if you became a billionare? If you want to tell me, please leave a comment.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Manakau Institute of Technology

At 12 o'clock, there was a message on the intercom. "All ambassadors please report to the office." I knew what that meant. The ambassadors were going to M.I.T. This was the first time that we were going to talk somewhere else than our school.

I was pretty exited, but nervous. I had a very bad day and I didn't want it to get any worse. You see, messing up in front of all those people. The thought of it freaked me out. I don't know if I'm going to M.I.T when I'm older either. This, had to be right.

On the way to M.I.T, we were all singing songs. Except for Francis. Everytime we sang a song, the girls would stop part way through it, leaving me to sing the whole song. "Oh," said Jordan. "You guys are sad. You always leave Iisa to sing the rest of the song." Sometimes I joined in with them, and other times it was just me and Jordan.

When we got to our destination, I crossed my fingers and did a little prayer. When we walked in the room, I knew that there was a lot a people. And there were some guests there too. Francis' mum and nana, and Jordan's mother.

Before we started, a woman asked me if we wanted to have a drink. Everyone except me said yes, but I didn't want to be sitting in front of a full room of people on my own, so I tagged along. The way to the drinking fountain was longer than I thought. When we got to the staffroom, I drank the most water. To be honest, I didn't know why.

When we got back to the room, I knew it was time to our speech. It was nerve wrecking before we started, but it was going nicely during it. Everything was fine. After the last movie that was shown, we all stood up and Josephine said her last part, and then we walked out the room. A man who was sitting at the front said "Assalam Alikum." I think I only knew that because that was part of my speech.

When we were going back to school, I was glad that we got to go to M.I.T. They also gave us some sugary treats! But then again, I still wonder, why was I nervous?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fia Fia

Every Thursday and Friday, everyone in the school has to go to their Fia Fia group to practise their item. We are doing this as it’s the school’s 60th anniversary. The group that I’m in, is Jump Jam. Only last week we got the whole dance done, but our dance needs sharpening.

The song that we’re doing, is Absolutely Everybody and Party Rock. Most of the dance came from the people in the group. Since I was at camp when the dance was being made, I never got the chance to get my licks in.

A part of the dance that I DON’T like is when the rows have to swap. Why? because when it gets to the freestyle bit, I’m in the front. And I’m not the type of dancer who’d love to be in that position, especially for that part. Besides that, I’m okay with the item. 

But I have another thing to worry about: what am I going to wear. My group is supposed to wear bright colourful clothes, and most of my clothes are dark, and the ones that are colourful are either too small for me, or is out of my sight. But then again I do have some clothes that are good...

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Keyboard

When I woke up, I knew what was going on today. It was extremely important that I was there. Why? Because I was playing the National Anthem in front of the WHOLE school. I had practised for this day, but I wasn't 100% confident. I was about 70% confident. "Just imagine that you're having the time of your life but if you want it to carry on, play the keyboard.

Soon all the classes were walking in. For every class that came in, 1% of my confidence went away. In the end, when it was time to play, I knew I had to get my codfidence back. I started before anyone got up. "Not yet Iisa," Mr Burt said, "No-one has gotten up yet."

I was going pretty well on the piano. Well, for me. When I was done, I got up and bowed. Everyone was clapping. Then, I ran to the music room.Ms Muliamasealii said that I did well, but next time I have to use both hands.

And do you know what that meant? I'm playing it again next week.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mitch Jane Mouse

This story is about M.J.M (Mitch Jane Mouse) and his brother N.J.M (Notch Jane Mouse) who aren't really a big help, until the city cheese gets lost and it is up to 2 little mice....

M.J.M was legendary. He was the only mouse that has a black suit. Other than that, he was the same as everyone else. His Boss, Ryan Gayla LeRat had a great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather, Nigel Gayla LeRat, and he found the great cheese of the universe. The cheese was like a diamond.

But then Mitch lost the cheese. He was playing with his computer and sent a bomb to this unknown planet. The next day the cheese was gone. Rare. “If not found,” Ryan said, “Then mouse city will never exist. That cheese keeps the city from falling apart. Oh yeah Mitch, for losing the cheese you will have to go after it.” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Mitch screamed in a high pitch voice.

“Lost Cheese Of The Universe: Found” said the computer. “Where?!” Mitch barked. “Planet C-13” “I mean, what galaxy” “The Great Attractor” “Seriously. The biggest galaxy in the universe, plus, it’s the most dangerous too. Eating other Galaxies. Can I at least get a cheese milkshake?” “No” “Why you little!---” Mitch’s brother Notch, took him to the nearest space shuttle, and off they went.

In the spacecraft, Notch played Minecraft*. “Can you do anything to help me?” “Nah” “Come on!” Then, they heard Ryan say “Ignition!” FWOOMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The spacecraft went. Flying out the galaxy, Mitch and Notch were fighting. “I get to play!” The spacecraft went so fast that Mitch’s seat ripped off. 2 seconds later, There was a BANG! “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Mitch said. ”Hey!” Notch yelled. Mitch looked up. Zombies with ray guns had abducted Notch. “Yay!” Mitch yelled now I can---” BANG! The shuttle crashed on a planet. “What planet is this computer?” “C-16” ”NOOOO!!!!!” Mitch yelled.

800.978 days later, Mitch had finally found the planet after finding 39,969,783,824 other planets. “Yay!” He yelled. “On my first try!” He got out with his ray gun and grenades. “ ‘Sup” He said to a zombie. Then, the zombie ran at Mitch. “Aaarrrggghhh!!!!!!!” Mitch yelled while running for his life.  Mitch saw a cliff up ahead. He jumped. He made it.

The zombie wasn’t so lucky. It fell all the way to the bottom. Mitch then saw more zombies chasing after him. “I hate this place.” He grumbled. He looked back at the cliff and saw a tube on the other side. “And look!” He said. Now I have to go BACK again to get there.” He jumped and made it again. “I think I’m not dying because I’m so awesome!” He boasted. He kept crawling but the pipe got smaller and smaller. Soon mitch was stuck. “I jinxed myself.” He murmured.

Meanwhile mouse city had approximately 187 earthquakes, and the city was cracking into pieces. Everyone was running around, trying to find out where Mitch and Notch where. Ryan was trying to contact Notch. “Notch,” he said, hoping for a reply. “Can you read me?” All Ryan heard was from a zombie that picked up his speaker. “[]{}~Ж¶¿” the zombie replied. “Notch,” Ryan said, “I’m proud of you! Learning uhh, umm, ZOMBIE LANGAUGE!??! This is a zombie, isn’t it?” Ryan knew that hope of finding the cheese was gone.

But it wasn’t. Mitch crawled all the way out of the pipe. “Alright,” Mitch said, “I may be standing in my underwear, but mouse city needs the cheeeeese.” Notch was fighting the zombies. “Oh hey Mitch!” he yelled. “The zombies took me here and I’ve been fighting them ever since! Ummm, why are you in your underwear?” “It’s a LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG,LONG, STORY.” Mitch said. “Hey! where have the zombies gone?”

All of a sudden, the whole place started shaking. A zombie the size of the Empire State Building stomped in.”Ж{}¿~[]¶!” It said. Almost immediately Mitch pulled out his ray gun and shot. He missed. “Well done Al Capone!” Notch said. “I’m not Al Capone!” Mitch screamed. Notch replied, “I was sarcastic!”

With no more bullets, Mitch and Notch could only run for their lives. “Where do we go!?” Notch screamed. Mitch’s face lit up. “To that pipe thingy that I went through!” He yelled. The zombie could not fit inside the pipe. Mitch had finally done something to help. Notch got out of the pipe and saw a ladder. He climbed up it and then he saw the spacecraft.

“C’mon Mitch!” Notch yelled. He didn’t know where he was. Then, the pipe came flying in the air and landed in front of Notch. “Mitch?” Notch asked. “Are you in there?” He got out his chainsaw and started hacking the pipe.

1 hour later Mitch got out of the pipe. Before Mitch could say anything the zombie came right up behind him. “RUN!!!!” Notch squealed. They ran as fast as they could to the spacecraft. Once they were in Notch got everything going. They flew off.

From then on it was an intergalactic high speed chase. The zombies were catching up to the mice. “Wait a minute!” Mitch said. “If the cheese is like a diamond, why don’t we use it to blind the zombies?” “That’s worth a try!” Notch answered.

Their plan didn’t work. When they got to where Mouse city usually is, they saw pieces of rock holding together. When the got there, Ryan was a nervous swat. “Hey Ryan!” Notch and Mitch yelled. “We’ve got the cheese!” Mitch chucked it on the center piece. All the cracks faded away.

But their problems weren't over yet. The zombie came closer and closer to them. Mitch threw a can at the zombie. Then a bowling pin. Then a bowling ball. And when there was nothing else to throw, he tore off a bit of the cheese and threw it into the zombie’s mouth.

The zombie gulped it down, and then shrunk. The zombie was getting smaller because the cheese pulls things together. 2 hours of shrinking later, the zombie was the size of an electron. Everyone was glad that Mouse city was safe. Later that day Notch and Mitch got their prizes. Notch got a full edition X-box with all the popular video games, and Mitch’s reward was a cheese milkshake and the chance to play Minecraft.

“Oh yeah!” Mitch said. Now time to get my hands on that computer.......”

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fiafia Questions

Here is my 3rd ShowMe answered questions*.
*I appologise for the writing.