Friday, April 26, 2013

Bad Luck Part 2

Mitch knew he had to do something, and when he looked outside the window, he saw a ship heading towards this planet.
 "So I'm in the right spot, eh?" Mitch said. "Wait a minute! I don't know how to land this thing! Wait. Maybe I should press.. EJECT!! Then I'll get an Electronic Jet Pack!" He pressed EJECT, and his seat sent him out of the ship. Since he had his astronaut suit on him he could breathe. "Hey! Mitch shouted. "I was right! This thing is a jetpac...." The 'Jet pack' had a sign saying 'Air supply'. 

Mitch decided not to waste any more time and save his mates. He used the fire extinguisher that went out with him when he ejected, to get him to the planet. Once he was in the planet's atmosphere, there was nothing stopping him from falling at top speed. "HELP ME!!!!" Mitch squealed.

When it seemed like all hope was over for Mitch and his friends, there was still hope. Mitch had landed on top of a landing U.F.O. "I," Mitch said, "am amazing!" But then, he slipped. Now, his chances of saving his mates were over. BANG! Mitch had landed on ANOTHER U.F.O. "What did I do to deserve this!!!???" Mitch screamed.

"Okay," Weqast said, "We are going to clone you, and then, send your--" "YOU CAN TALK ENGLISH!!!???" Peter and Crayvaty screamed. "I can because I learnt your kind of language." Weqast said, "Can I carry on with my speech?" CRASH!! The glass on the U.F.O broke, and Mitch hopped in. "Sup." He said.

"What happened?" Mitch asked weakly. "You hit you yourself on the head with that fire extinguisher, and blacked out for 2 minuets." Peter answered. "Now that 'Litch' is awa--" "IT'S MITCH YOU IDIOT!" Mitch shouted at Weqast. "Well," Weqast carried on, "we will clone you, and send your clones back to Eart," Mitch looked at Weqast with anger. "..and then they will destroy 99.9% of humanity. The 0.1% is you three. And guess what? you then will be our slaves! very good future, eh?" "NO WAY!!!!" Peter shouted back. "Hey bozos!" Mitch shouted. "What?" Weqast replied. "I've got to go eliminate some of my urine!" Mitch replied.

Weast and Verrukgovle woke up in their cage. "Never doubt the extinguisher!" Crayvaty said joyfully. "What are you gonna do now!?" Mitch teased. Weqast pressed a button, and the cage opened. "You people are so dumb." Verrunkgovle said. Mitch, Peter, and Crayvaty jumped out the ship, and landed on another ship.

They smashed the glass, kicked out another alien, and flew off. While they were flying, The engine ran out of fuel. As they were falling to their death, Mitch said, "Don't worry, I'm so awesome that something will happen, and we'll live!" Since Mitch said that, the U.F.O was going to fall on another one, but then it somehow missed it's landing.

"YOU JINXED US!!!" Crayvaty screamed at Mitch. "NOW WE'RE GOING TO DIE AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!" Soon, the ship landed on the ground. And then it started up, as there was a ship underneath it. Peter got airsick. "BLEUGRH!!!" He shouted as he threw up. His sick landed on Weqast. Mitch put a look of disgust on his face. "I'm glad I'm not him!" He remarked.

The trio jumped into a ship that was taking off, threw the aliens out, and flew off. "Let's get them, Weqast." Verrunkgovle said. "Leave them." Weqast replied. "E.T will take care of them." When the trio flew past the moon, they saw Jerone pleading for air. "Is he in trouble?" Peter asked. "He's just looking at a fascinating type of rock." Mitch answered.

Soon, the ship headed towards Earth, the engine blew up by overheating. "HELP ME!!" Mitch screamed. SLPOOSH!!! They had all landed in an outdoor pool. The lifeguard blew his whistle. "NO BOMBING IN THE POOL!!" He yelled. When Mitch climbed out, the lifeguard saw him and thought that they had ejected because the ship got destroyed. He worshiped astronauts basically.

After being excused, they all walked back home. Before they split up, Crayvaty decided to have one more camp meeting. "Okay boys," Crayvaty said, "Today was a very exiting day, and now, thankfully, it's over. Now let's all go to our houses, and have the rest of the holidays with our family."

When Mitch was walking home, he was wondering. "I wonder what'll happen to that lifeguard when he finds a U.F.O in the pool? Well, one thing's for sure. This whole crazy thing has come to an end." But it wasn't over yet. As Mitch walked up to his house, an unidentified flying object flew closer to his house.....

So what happened next? you can find out by reading E.T part 1,2, and 3!

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