Sunday, April 28, 2013

Escape From Planet Earth

We had all been talking about this, and now it was time for it to happen. What might I be talking about? I'm talking about when me and Jordan went to the movies to see Escape From Planet Earth. It was supposed to be me, Jordan, Frank, Sonny and Joseph, but 3 of them didn't show up on the day.

To be honest, I was glad that my parents let me go with Jordan, as if I didn't, he might've not been able to go, because it would just be him. When I got there, I saw Jordan's family waiting in line, so I went to them. Jordan told me that they couldn't find Frank, even when they drove down his street, which ment it was just me and him.

Both of our parents bought us our popcorn and drinks, and then they left as they had to do things. My Grandpa stayed there for when the movie was done. When we got in, we could clearly see that there was no-one except us. As the movie started, I was ready for anything. Except a heart attack from shock.

The movie was pretty good, as it had comedy, and action. My 2 fovourite things that I look for in movies. Halfway through the movie, I ran out of popcorn. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I screamed in my head. "WHY ME!?" When the movie finished, we walked out, and Jordan said "That movie had a happy ending." Which is exsacly what I thought too.

Now, it was time to have lunch. We went to Oporto, and I ordered the flame grilled chicken, and Jordan ordered the strip pack. Jordan had made the right move, as I got 2 large pieces of chicken, and Jordan got 4 pieces of chicken breast. The chicken was too much for me, so we had some leftovers for dinner.

When we had lunch, we went to the parking lot ouside Sylvia Park, and waited for Jordan to be picked up. When Jordan's car came, we greeted him, and then he left. Now, while I was waiting to get picked up, "You can go to Whitcoulles until your parents come, Iisa." My Grandpa said. "I'll come soon.

When I was reading a book there, I looked up, and I saw my parents. It was time to go. As I walked to the car, I was glad that I could come and watch a cool movie with my friend.

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