Monday, April 8, 2013

Fia Fia

Every Thursday and Friday, everyone in the school has to go to their Fia Fia group to practise their item. We are doing this as it’s the school’s 60th anniversary. The group that I’m in, is Jump Jam. Only last week we got the whole dance done, but our dance needs sharpening.

The song that we’re doing, is Absolutely Everybody and Party Rock. Most of the dance came from the people in the group. Since I was at camp when the dance was being made, I never got the chance to get my licks in.

A part of the dance that I DON’T like is when the rows have to swap. Why? because when it gets to the freestyle bit, I’m in the front. And I’m not the type of dancer who’d love to be in that position, especially for that part. Besides that, I’m okay with the item. 

But I have another thing to worry about: what am I going to wear. My group is supposed to wear bright colourful clothes, and most of my clothes are dark, and the ones that are colourful are either too small for me, or is out of my sight. But then again I do have some clothes that are good...

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