Thursday, April 25, 2013


When I got to school, I was glad that Fiafia was here, but a little concerned. I'm part of Jump Jam and Choir, but I don't think that I'll be able to get to the choir in time. The choir gets ready when the Barkaville Factor begins, and Jump Jam starts after that.

When Fiafia began, I was nervous. Mr Burt, Gabriel, and Vivienne walked on the stage. "This is our school's 60th anniversary." Mr Burt said. "And that's why we have our Fiafia. Before we start, Let's sing a song. Happy birthday..." When we were done singing the song, Vivienne said "The first group is the Kapa Haka."

Everything was going well, and when it was time for the Tongan boys to go on up, I saw Jordan. "Jordan wasn't looking stern like the others, but he was doing a very good job. "GO JORDAN!" I yelled. "I think he's doing it for real!" Lee said. After most of the groups were done, I was so entertained, but it was late, and I felt sleepy.

Luckily, my group was next. Our song was Party rock and Absolutely everybody. When I was in my position, I heard lots of people say GO Iisa! That made me confident. When the music started, I was so glad that it was my groups turn. I could finally show my family what they've been waiting for.

When it got to the freestyle bit, I was grinning a lot. I like the freestyle bit, although before I didn't. When I did my freestyle bit, everyone was giggling and cheering. Exactly what I wanted by the audience. I was so so glad that I entertained the audience. Just like how Jordan entertained me. When our item was done, I knew my job was done. But I still had to get to choir.

I made it just in time. When I got to the choir, it was time to get on the stage. I was in the 2nd row. When everyone got on the stage, Gloria started playing the keyboard, and we started singing. We sang 'Draw me nearer first', and then we sang 'Take it easy'. Once we were done, the audience obviously liked our singing. I was puffed out, as I reached notes that I couldn't reach before.

Once Fiafia was done, I knew that my goals were achieved, and now I could go to sleep.

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