Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Black Box Part 1

When Notch got to school, he saw that that the school inquiry was ‘Discovering amazing things’. “Well,” Notch thought, “ I've discovered enough for one week. That E.T was crazy!”  He didn’t want anything to get any crazier than he had in the holiday.

He heard a sound like a plane, and when he looked up, he saw the plane get closer to the ground. Notch ran after it, as he wanted to see if the plane would crash. As he got closer to the sea, he saw that the plane started fading away! “WHAT THE!!??” he thought.

When school started, he ran to tell his teacher the news. “...And, t-t-then,” Notch said worriedly, “T-t-the plane-e disa-sa-peared!” “Well!” His teacher said, “Do you want to find out what happened?” “YES!” Notch answered.

When Notch’s teacher turned on the news channel, it said that a plane had disappeared and no-one had any information. They didn’t even know where it was last seen. “So if anyone saw what happened,” The news man said, “Please call 911 IMMEDIATELY! We need YOUR information!” Notch looked at his teacher. “Well?” He said.

When Notch called the police, he told them where the plane disappeared. “Do you know what number it was?” The police asked. “Well,” Notch answered, “I saw the black box. 9327.” The police searched up that number, and then they found out that the plane was the plane with the cure for the new disease, Enthropox.

If someone has Enthropox, then their tonsils will swell up and then the person gets brain damage. They start seeing things, and soon enough they can’t talk properly. Then they get yellow spots, and soon after, they get ulcers. While they die, the disease spreads to nearby people, and then the disease spreads even more. Soon enough, the whole world of humans will die.

So finding that plane was vital for Earth. When the police looked again for 9327, they could track it’s location. Once the police arrived, it was go time.

“Can I come with?” Notch asked. “No you can’t, you’re too young!” A policeman answered. “HEY!” Notch yelled. Everyone looked at him. “IF IT WEREN'T FOR ME, YOU’D PROBABLY BE SEARCHING LOS ANGELES!! YOU’D BE NOWHERE NEAR HERE!” After Notch stopped yelling, everyone just stood there looking at him. “I’m coming along.”

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