Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oklahoma tornado

When I saw the news on TV, I was shocked. Oklahoma had been struck by a 2 mile (6 km) wide tornado, and the death toll was 91. A huge tornado tore through an Oklahoma City suburb, trapping victims beneath the rubble as a school took a direct hit and another was destroyed.

It was all over the news. Every news channel that I went on was talking about the tornado, and the weather channel said more is to come. I was kind of freaked out, as the same afternoon I saw a tornado forming, but then it just dissapeared.

On one of the news channels they interveiwed a girl who was in one of the schools that got hit, and she said; "There was a huge boom in class when the tornado struck, so she hid in the doorway, the tornado broke everything, and then there was dirt coming in my eyes, shirt, pants, and everything else."

I feel so sad for the people who lost their lives when the tornado hit, and for everyone in Oklahoma, my heart is with you!

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