Friday, June 7, 2013

Black Box Part 2

After Notch stopped talking, the chief of police decided that it would be best if Notch came along. “Okay,” he said, “We need someone as small as him to help us.” “I heard that!” Notch yelled. “Everyone,” said the chief, “we’ll start tomorrow.”

When the next day rolled over, Notch was in some old clothes, jumping up and down. “I’M GOING TO FIND A PLANE! I’M GOING TO FIND A PLANE!” When the police arrived, Notch said that his brother, Rory, was gone the day before he saw the plane. “Okay,” the chief said, “Here’s the plan. Notch, you and these professional divers, Faaiua, Frank, and Eric, will go with you.”

Just as they were about to set of, someone come out the water by the shore. Notch went to get a closer look. It was Rory! Everyone watched Rory as he was spewing up water. When he was done, he said: “Oh, hey Notch!” “HEY!?” Notch screamed. “HEY!? WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!?”

Rory told them about what happened. “So on Planet C-13*,” Rory said, “I found the antidote. Then, when I was coming back in the U.F.O,---” “A U.F.O!?” The divers said in disbelief. “Yeah,” Rory said. “Then, the fuel tank ran empty. As I was falling, I noticed a button that I hadn’t before. It was a transforming kind of thing, and maybe that’s why you saw a plane.” “But then how did it disappear?” Notch asked. “Well,” Rory continued, “There was a lever thing and it said ‘visibility’, and I pressed it.”

“Then,” Rory said, “when I was at the bottom of the sea, I grabbed the box with the antidote, placed some TNT down, and set it off.” “Then where is the antidote?” Faaiua interrupted. “As I was flying up through the water,” Rory said, “The antidote slipped out of my arms. It got stuck under the wreckage, and then I went to get it. Since I couldn’t get it out, I turned the black box on, and then went swimming up. So now you have to go and get it.”

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  1. Hi Iisa
    it may be good to look at what you wrote to see if people who read it are able to make sense of your story. Some of these ideas are jumbled. Also, where is the blog you wrote last night? Love mum.