Friday, June 21, 2013

Black Box Part 3

Notch was mad, but when they swam down to the bottom of the sea, Notch was in shock. The whole plane was broken. Everything was in huge chunks of metal and shattered glass. Then, the box was in sight.

Notch swam to the box, and it was stuck. Under a piece of metal. Notch was trying hard to get it out, but it seemed like it was glued together. Frank and Eric went to help, but then when the piece came loose, the current pulled them all in the wreckage. The metal fell on Frank. Frank tried, and the others helped, but this time it was stuck. Notch was scared, as now there was no escape and one of the divers was going to die.

Meanwhile Faaiua was watching the plane, when he saw something shocking. A group of Tiger sharks were swimming to the plane.  Faaiua left immediately. He told the police that the others had no chance of surviving. “They just swam towards the plane,” Faaiua said to the chief, “So I left the exact time I saw them. They won’t live long.”

But what he didn’t know was that the sharks only headed for Frank. Notch and Eric watched in fear as someone was dying in front of them. When Frank was gone, the sharks left. “Let’s find that antidote, shall we?” Eric asked. “I’m ahead of you.” Notch said, going down the long passage.

With the lights out, it was like the plane was a haunted house. You didn’t know what was next to you, or if there was a way out. But then, out of nowhere, the water started gushing in. Since Notch and Eric took off their masks and didn’t stop the air flowing, they only had the air in the plane.

They started running, but another chunk of metal fell. Both of them lived, but they were on different sides of the metal. Notch was safe, but Eric was stuck with water flowing up his body.

“Eric!” Notch screamed, “are you alright?” “Don’t worry about me,” Eric said, “go find the antidote before you die too.” So Notch began the search on his own. He had one shot, but it might be his last.

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