Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life of Peter---A parody of Life of Pi

When Peter got home from being abducted by aliens, he didn’t want to have any more crazy things happen. When he got home, he saw Cravaty, Mitch, and him on the TV. “Wha?” Peter thought. “How did I get on television?” Then, he remembered.

Mitch had told them that he got most of his adventure on camera, and that he was going to send it in to 3 news. Then, his dad came. He heard the news on the radio, and there was a trip to Antarctica for the winner of the craziest movie competition.

On the radio, it was time for the winner to be announced. “And the winner for the craziest movie goes to...” The radio guy said, “Peter Altro and his Unidentified Unknown Adventure!” “WHAT THE HECK?!” Peter thought. “THAT’S MY NAME THAT THEY SAID, AND THAT MOVIE WAS MITCH’S! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?” Then, Peter ran to his room. He searched the movies on his laptop, and then he saw the movie that won the competition. Mitch had hacked into it, and made the movie, on Peter’s computer, then sent it in.

When Peter’s family arrived in Antarctica, things were going badly. The plane landed in the middle of a blizzard, and the house that they would be in was just showing. Everyone ran inside. “Wow,” said his mum, “that was one big blizzard.” “Glad we ain’t there anymore!” Peter said joyfully. “Now nothing can go wrong!” Then, they heard a huge crash. “What was that?” asked the pilot? Peter looked out the window. He could see the wind blowing the plane over. It was barrel rolling. “We’re doomed.” Peter said.

Every day things were getting worse. The power went out, then, the whole family was running out of food that wouldn’t poison them, as they had no refrigeration. When 2 weeks passed by, the pilot got scared. “We’re supposed to get back to the U.S.A today! What do we do?” “Don’t look at me!” the Altro family said. That was the last straw. “I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!” The pilot screamed. He ran outside in the blizzard, and started to spaz in the snow.

Peter was now terrified. The snow was getting inside, so was the wind. There was no food, no electricity, and the pilot is spazzing in the snow. He looked behind him, and then he saw a coffin. “What the?” He thought. He was now seeing things.

Then, he remembered of the plane.

The plane was rolling in the air when he saw it, and not on the ground, so there was a chance that the Altro family could get home. But finding the plane would be tricky. It was 2 weeks since they last saw the plane, so who knows how far it went. Peter had one chance, and it could take his life.

Peter got the warmest clothes in the house, and went off. He was getting cold, but he didn’t let it stop him.

After 16 days of walking, he felt metal. Glass. A plane! He managed to get inside, and he started the engine. “If only Mitch was here,” He thought, “Then he could fly the plane. After all, he can fly U.F.O’s and Space Shuttles!”

Soon, Peter was getting tired. He was falling asleep, and he hadn't saved his parents yet. Then, Peter crashed the plane right through the roof. His parents stood there, looking at him. His dad offered to drive, while Peter slept. “Should we take the pilot with?” asked Peter’s mum. “He’s been spazzing there for 20 days.” “Just leave him.” Peter said tiredly. “He’ll manage.”

When Peter got home, he immediately went to Mitch’s house. “At least something good will happen,” He said, “And it won’t involve Antarctica.” When peter got there, he found out that they were going to the planet by the name of ‘Mouse City’, as Mitch had heard about a guy named ‘M.J.M’.

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