Monday, June 10, 2013

Minecraft Part 1

I was telling my friends about Minecraft. This is what I told them.

There’s this game that I always play at home. That is Minecraft. Its a building game. I like it because you can create houses. 

And you can craft things. You can also cook stuff like chicken but first you have to go mining, as only then you can make a furnace, but then to get cooked chicken you need to kill a chicken. Or you can type up this /gamemode 1, then get chicken and then type this up /gamemode 0, so you don’t have to kill. But you need cheats for that to happen.

Minecraft is kind of fake, because everything is pixelated.  And diamonds are not stronger than gold. In real life, gold swords look kind of ugly.

The things that I like to craft is a pickaxe and a enchantment table. With a enchantment table you can make your armour and weapon stronger. But you need xp (experience) to enchant it. To get experience, you need to either kill things, or get things by mining. If you have no xp when your enchanting, then you can’t enchant ANYTHING. If you have a LOT of xp and you enchant, then you can get an enchanted diamond sword, and the sword is enchanted to Bane Of Arthropods or Fire Aspect, which sets any creature you hit on fire for 5 seconds.

There are also Achievements, for the people that want to get the best things.

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  1. Hi Iisa I like what you wrote about mine-craft it is so cool that you told your friends all about it I like that picture too. Keep up the good work